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“And You Shall Be My Witnesses…”


Hello Friends,

As I write this blog Michele and I are in London doing mission work with one of our Faith Promise partners, C3 Global. What better time to be here than when so many from across the world have gathered in one place!  Please pray for our team as we serve with area pastors and churches to help spread the Good News to those who so desperately need to hear it. 

I will be praying for all of our campuses this coming weekend as we finish up our Legendary series. You won’t want to miss running a lap with this famous Old Testament hero! 

Look for a new post next week.


Pastor Chris


Chick-fil-A Issue – The World Saying Shut Up!

Hey Friends,

In this past week we have all watched the cultural conflict with the Chick-fil-A stand on marriage or gay marriage. Be there no doubt we are in a war for the heart of our Country. The social struggle surges on and the outcome is yet to be determined. What or who will win in our generation – light or darkness? The Word is clear that Satan is the “god of this world.” “The god of this world has blinded the eyes of the unbelieving…”

We are not at war with people, but with evil forces striving to keep people lost and headed to hell. The devil has paved the road to hell and he has made it easy to go there. One of our mottos @FaithPromise is: MAKING IT HARD TO GO TO HELL FROM EAST TENNESSEE. This is in direct conflict with the edict of the evil one.

The most recent skirmish in the Chick-fil-A issue is greater than most commentators have connected with. I believe it was the enemy saying, “Shut up!” The leaders of the cultural shift would have loved the restaurant if Dan Cathy had taken an opposite position. Since he took the opposite to the politically correct, he was crucified in the media.

What they were attempting to do was to shut up those who disagree. The attempt is to douse the light. They thought others would fear taking a stand because of the pressure brought to bear on the restaurant chain. Boy, were they wrong! We should now realize we can take a stand! Dan Cathy did and had no idea of the outcome. There comes a time when taking a stand is more important than making money.

Our culture is crumbling and we must stand. “If the foundations are destroyed what is the righteousness to do?” We are the light of the world and the salt of the world. If we refuse to shine the light then the darkness has won already.

Where do you stand? Are you afraid? I am afraid not to!

Together we can truly make a difference. The devil is fully engaged in the war for our culture, Church, and the hearts of your family! Time to put on the armor, grab the sword, and fight for Jesus.

Praying for you.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris

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One Small Act Can Make a Difference

Hey Friends,

I had a thought a few weeks ago, (Yes, it was very lonely). Many people in the Church today refuse to do anything because their part is so small. They assume if it is small it does not matter and will not make a difference. It could be serving one hour a week, or giving an offering they feel is a small amount, or even inviting someone to Church. We have all felt as if what we do just won’t matter, so why bother?

This is a cunning lie of Lucifer. Only heaven could record the entire ministry omitted due to this ploy. He is a master deceiver! Our God does not require we do something huge for Him to move. Jesus broke the little boy’s lunch and fed 20,000. He can do miracles with little or nothing.

Imagine if in your small group or church everyone did just one small act for Jesus this week. We have about 8,000 who call Faith Promise their Church family. That would be 8,000 invites to church if we all asked one to come. If we all served one hour this week that would be 8,000 hours of serving the Savior.  Just imagine all the Lord could do with those small acts. What if everyone gave this weekend in the offering?

God wants us to do what we can and He will do the rest. He does the supernatural. Let’s pray that Christ followers everywhere see the devil’s deceit. The Church in America would explode as the miracles would be to too many to count.

Let’s pray every believer does his or her part, no matter how small the action. The servant girl in II Kings 5 told Naaman’s wife God could heal him if he would go to Israel. Her action was so small she was not even named. But her action resulted in Naaman’s physical and spiritual healing.

What could God do if we were tuned in to do the small things?

Just a thought,

Love ya,

Pastor Chris

P.S. This was the central theme in the message from our Legendary series this past weekend at Faith Promise.  Click here if you want to hear it in its entirety.


Praise the Lord for a Breakthrough!

Hey Friends,

If you read this blog very often then it means you are either my mom or you care deeply for the Church of the living God! That means for most of us we care for the Church. We want it to be healthy, grow, and see major life transformation. I truly believe this about you. My question is, “How deeply are we looking into the spiritual side of the Church?”

For several months some people I trust at Faith Promise had told me something was wrong. We  prayed, studied, brought in consultants, and did everything we could to find the problem. We probably spent more time in the natural than the spiritual. In the natural we had plateaued. Our growth was stagnant at best. When the Church is not growing I am not a happy camper. Healthy things grow, especially the Church. We looked at every system and strategy we had. Nothing seemed to help.

Then out of nowhere God broke through! We lurched forward by hundreds and are 25% over the same time last year. What happened? God happened! We had a breakthrough in the heavenlies. Spiritual war is real and hell is out to stop all of our ministries. Hell hates the Church. We must destroy the works of the devil.

What happened? I wish I knew what the Lord did, but I don’t. I’m so excited that He did! The Church is moving forward. People are being saved. There is a new excitement in the air. That cannot be produced by our clever planning or promotion. Only God can create revival, save souls, and heal broken hearts and lives. He is at work and I just want to join Him in His marvelous ministry. He can do more in five minutes in His power than we can do in a lifetime without Him.

Where do you need a breakthrough? Our God can! I pray He moves on your behalf in any area you or your ministry is blocked. It is the devil’s job to dam up our lives and ministries. We have greater power than he does. Let’s ask the Lord to send revival and break the devil’s dam in your life and for the Holy Spirit to flow freely. Praying for your victory in Jesus’ name.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


I Wrote the Book for You!

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Is The Next Generation Ready?


Hey Friends,

Earlier this week I wrote on passing the baton to the next generation. Now let’s flip the coin over and ask another question: Is the next generation ready to receive the baton?

First let me say you do not have to be 60 to be spiritual. The disciples Jesus picked were mostly young. Peter had only been saved less than four years when he preached the message on the day of Pentecost. Pretty amazing! Three things young adults have to do to receive the baton:

  1. Give honor and respect to the current generation. Do you think Joshua tried to push Moses aside so he could lead? “Come on Moses, you are 120 years old! Are you going to die?” We all know this did not happen. The Scripture is clear about respecting the grey-headed. I Tim. 3 starts out with dealing with older saints. They have great wisdom we need to draw out. Only experience gives wisdom. If you want to get help for your marriage, ask someone married for 50 years!!!
  2. Be patient. I Tim. 5:22 warns about raising up a young leader too quickly and the problems that can cause. Be patient, show respect, and be ready when the baton is placed into your hands. Rehoboam should have listened to the older counselors of his father. If he had, the Nation would not have split.
  3. Be ready to learn. (I Tim. 2:15)  At 25 years old, I knew it all. Today, after 30 years in the ministry I’m not sure what the questions are. Younger leaders need to be humble enough to learn from the aged. They have fought the good fight and are still in the game. They know a lot.

For the Church to continue it must pass the baton. To miss the pass is to kill the Church. There are more churches closing their doors in America than ever before. They missed the pass. We are called to raise up the next generation. Ask the Lord to give you a heart for the next generation.

I had to adjust my attitude about the next generation. Drew Wells of  The Lead Block helped me see how I must reach out to them and love them. I will forever be grateful for his friendship and leadership. He is a young leader making a difference.

Hope this helps.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris

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Are the Doors Open to the Next Generation?

Hey Friends,

Let me make a statement that should be accepted by everybody, but it is ignored by most. If the church is to continue in America we have to prepare the next generation. The statement is beyond debate! Without the next generation the Church is doomed when we die. So, are we going to open the doors for them? I pray we are.

Let me give you seven things we must do to pass the baton:

  1. Make room for them. (I Tim. 4:12, 14) Human nature is to hold on to power and positions. Without planning and prayer we will hold on too long and miss the passing of the baton.
  2. Pour into them. (I Tim 6:20, II Tim. 1:6, 13) The Apostle Paul poured into the next generation. We must do likewise. Open the doors for them to serve at every level of the Church.
  3. Make them feel loved and wanted. (2 Tim. 1:4) People go where they are celebrated not tolerated. Students and young adults know whether they are wanted and welcome. If you do not do this strategically and with great effort and planning, you are not doing it.
  4. Continue to build family ministry. By this I mean those 0-18 years of age. Pour money and effort into them.
  5. Stay out of the box in your ministry. Be creative and relevant.  Are you working on connecting to the next generation? Young adults have left the Church because it is boring, dry and irrelevant. Get out of the box. The ministry is about who is not there yet.
  6. Keep the music edgy. If you’re a senior saint and you love the music at your church, you are either very hip or the music will not connect with a 25 year old! Ask some young adults.
  7. Teach them how to think. (2 Tim. 3:16-17) Help them understand why you do what you do. The methods change but the message never does. We carry the Word and the Gospel, that is all.

Look around this Sunday at your church. Are there any people under 30? What about the nursery, any kids? What about student ministry? That is the future of your church. If you are filled with older saints the longer you do not pass the baton the closer your church is to death.

Just a thought.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


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Praise the Lord Show – 5/8/12


Celebrating the 4th Down Under!

Hey Friends,

If you follow me on Twitter you know I’m in Sydney for the #hillsongconf.  It has been glorious.  The worship and the sermons have been more than challenging.  I am fired up to get back to “our House” @faithpromise.  We miss our family and are even more fired up for the second half of 2012.

I had an unusual experience this morning in the session.  (Remember we are 14 hours ahead of Knoxville.)  This morning we sang the Star Spangled Banner.  30,000 Aussies singing our song was pretty cool, but after that Pastor Brian Houston prayed for America.  I was already moved by the song, but the intercession pushed me and Michele over the edge.

We are told the world hates America.  It is not true here.  The entire assembly of believers prayed for us.  Wow!!! Around the world believers intercede for our nation.  Are they more passionate for revival for us than we are?  Watching the Body of Christ as one, the Lord was pleased.

We in America have so much to celebrate and to be thankful for.  Truly God has blessed, and we pray, “God Bless America!”

Happy 4th of July!  Enjoy all we have.

See ya when Michele and I get back.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris

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Fill Her Up???


Hey Friends,

Many of you have never heard these words. You are too young. Years ago there was no self-service gas station. You pulled up to the pump, rolled your window down and the attendant asked, “Fill her up?” “Check your oil and tires?” Washing your windshield was automatic. Ah…the good ol’ days!

How do you fill up your soul, spirit, and heart?  Just as your car has to have gas, your heart needs it also. You have to know how to fill her up.

I am writing this blog in Sydney @hillsongconf2012. This feeds my soul. It sparks vision and new dreams.  It revives me. I go to several conferences annually to keep my tank full.

What do you do?  If you do nothing then you’ll end up on the side of the road, burned out and empty. No one can keep giving out and not get filled. Even Jesus knew how to fill His tank after giving of Himself to the masses.

Some of the things I do:

  • Protect my quiet time daily
  • Read and continue to grow
  • Go to conferences
  • Listen to great preaching
  • Hang with positive visionaries
  • Protect the Sabbath
  • Not preach every weekend

These are some of my disciplines. What do you do? I would love to hear new ideas.

Let’s stay sharp for our Savior.

Here to help!

Love ya,

Pastor Chris