Hey Friends,

Earlier this week I wrote on passing the baton to the next generation. Now let’s flip the coin over and ask another question: Is the next generation ready to receive the baton?

First let me say you do not have to be 60 to be spiritual. The disciples Jesus picked were mostly young. Peter had only been saved less than four years when he preached the message on the day of Pentecost. Pretty amazing! Three things young adults have to do to receive the baton:

  1. Give honor and respect to the current generation. Do you think Joshua tried to push Moses aside so he could lead? “Come on Moses, you are 120 years old! Are you going to die?” We all know this did not happen. The Scripture is clear about respecting the grey-headed. I Tim. 3 starts out with dealing with older saints. They have great wisdom we need to draw out. Only experience gives wisdom. If you want to get help for your marriage, ask someone married for 50 years!!!
  2. Be patient. I Tim. 5:22 warns about raising up a young leader too quickly and the problems that can cause. Be patient, show respect, and be ready when the baton is placed into your hands. Rehoboam should have listened to the older counselors of his father. If he had, the Nation would not have split.
  3. Be ready to learn. (I Tim. 2:15)  At 25 years old, I knew it all. Today, after 30 years in the ministry I’m not sure what the questions are. Younger leaders need to be humble enough to learn from the aged. They have fought the good fight and are still in the game. They know a lot.

For the Church to continue it must pass the baton. To miss the pass is to kill the Church. There are more churches closing their doors in America than ever before. They missed the pass. We are called to raise up the next generation. Ask the Lord to give you a heart for the next generation.

I had to adjust my attitude about the next generation. Drew Wells of  The Lead Block helped me see how I must reach out to them and love them. I will forever be grateful for his friendship and leadership. He is a young leader making a difference.

Hope this helps.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris