We are bombarded daily with media reports concerning drug abuse, violence, and a generation being wasted, but rarely do we hear about those who break a cycle of death and destruction. Chris Stephens is one of those who beat the odds and won the war. He was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee to teen parents who split up when he was only three. Sexual and physical abuse was a way of life for young Chris who also was introduced to his first joint when he was ten years old. His early years were spent living in the projects and on the wrong side of the tracks. By 18 he was involved with drugs and every self destructive behavior that sent him downhill to devastation. By the age of 22 he was a heavy drug user and dealer. With a huge out of control afro and needle tracks going down the length of both arms, his appearance was frightening at best. By all statistics, Chris was just a waste of a young life on the street, who one day could be expected to be found dead in a ditch.

But instead of a ditch, Chris woke up in a hospital room after a drug overdose. The future could not have looked more bleak for this 22 year old. In that hospital room he made a decision to connect with God in a way that was real, sincere and instantaneous. This decision was amazing since Chris nor his family had ever attended church. Chris left the hospital a new person with a new perspective, heading down a new road. This dramatic series of events culminated to their climax in 1982. Over the next 30 years Chris has been serving God as a speaker and a pastor. He has had the opportunity to speak all over the world and has impacted tens of thousands of lives.

Chris has written a biographical look at his life and the amazing transformation that took place called, The Climb of Your Life. Chris said if his life could transition from the project to the pulpit and from a life of devastation to an amazing destiny, then so can any life. Today, Chris pastors Faith Promise Church, one of the top 100 fastest growing Churches in America. There, thousands have found hope and are fulfilling their destiny. Chris says his purpose is to help people recognize and achieve their full potential. Because he came so close to death and missing all God had for him, he now wants to help others find the same purpose in their lives that he has found.

The Climb of Your Life was written to help others trapped in destructive cycles of sin and devastating behavior. Its conception was birthed to help anyone, regardless of where they are in their lives. It is for Christ followers and for nonbelievers with the belief that the book can help anyone climb the next mountain they face. Most people want to achieve their fullest potential but none of us can do it alone; this book is an aid in the climb. No matter how far you are on your climb you will certainly encounter yet another sheer faced summit and will need help to scale it. This book will motivate you to go forward and will be a rope to hold onto for support.

In his most recent book, The Plan of Your Life, Chris takes the reader to an even higher level. He uses a captivating allegory to convey life-changing principles about spiritual growth, leadership development and self-improvement.  With creativity and sensitivity, Chris challenges and motivates the reader to craft a plan to know God more intimately, have a better family life, determine priorities and go for them with passion and intention.

We all want to grow and be successful, but we are not always sure about the process! The Plan of Your life was written to help you get a handle on the future and devise a map to get there, learning to live life on purpose to make the greatest impact. This book will truly inspire you to manage and enhance the five most important areas of your life: Faith, Family, Fitness, Fortune and Future.