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One Small Act Can Make a Difference

Hey Friends,

I had a thought a few weeks ago, (Yes, it was very lonely). Many people in the Church today refuse to do anything because their part is so small. They assume if it is small it does not matter and will not make a difference. It could be serving one hour a week, or giving an offering they feel is a small amount, or even inviting someone to Church. We have all felt as if what we do just won’t matter, so why bother?

This is a cunning lie of Lucifer. Only heaven could record the entire ministry omitted due to this ploy. He is a master deceiver! Our God does not require we do something huge for Him to move. Jesus broke the little boy’s lunch and fed 20,000. He can do miracles with little or nothing.

Imagine if in your small group or church everyone did just one small act for Jesus this week. We have about 8,000 who call Faith Promise their Church family. That would be 8,000 invites to church if we all asked one to come. If we all served one hour this week that would be 8,000 hours of serving the Savior.  Just imagine all the Lord could do with those small acts. What if everyone gave this weekend in the offering?

God wants us to do what we can and He will do the rest. He does the supernatural. Let’s pray that Christ followers everywhere see the devil’s deceit. The Church in America would explode as the miracles would be to too many to count.

Let’s pray every believer does his or her part, no matter how small the action. The servant girl in II Kings 5 told Naaman’s wife God could heal him if he would go to Israel. Her action was so small she was not even named. But her action resulted in Naaman’s physical and spiritual healing.

What could God do if we were tuned in to do the small things?

Just a thought,

Love ya,

Pastor Chris

P.S. This was the central theme in the message from our Legendary series this past weekend at Faith Promise.  Click here if you want to hear it in its entirety.


Are You Settling or Soaring?

Hey Friends,

Are you settling or are you soaring? Soaring to your maximum potential requires just that little extra effort! It is like working on a car trying to detail it. Most people can wash, wax and even make the inside look new, but to get it perfect requires a little extra effort. That may mean cleaning all the gaps with a toothbrush, or washing under the car and painting the fender wells.

The extra 5% effort is the difference between: “That looks great!” and “Wow, that looks brand new!” Far too many people are willing to settle with what it takes to get by. That is not how a Christ follower is supposed to conduct him or herself. Jesus did not call us to “get by” or “just do enough.” We are to give everything we have – our very best – as if we are doing it for the Lord.  The Word says: “Everything your hand finds to do, do heartily as unto the Lord.”

In your life, are you giving it your best? This requires a serious dose of self-discipline and internal motivation. Often I pray Psalm 51:12: “Sustain me with a willing Spirit.” Lord, make me want to! When everyone else quits, help me give the extra effort to make my offering to You even better. Let me do my best to the point my life is honoring to you. This is easy preaching and hard living. How well are you doing in this area? I challenge you to give it your best shot.

Jesus gave His best for us. He held nothing back. As a matter of fact, He left it all on the field for us. How can we do less for Him? This attitude should be reflected in every area of your life. This means your family, your walk with the Lord, your ministry, your leadership and the list can continue. I’m sure you get the point.

Every day your life should be lived as a drink offering for Jesus. Are you being poured out on the altar of sacrifice for Him?

Time to ramp it up!

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


I Wonder???

Hey Friends,

Do you ever wonder? I do all the time! Let me share what I was wondering this morning: Why do so few Christ-followers think about the Bema seat of judgment? We all know that we “will give an account” of our lives. In this context, the account will be what we did with what He gave us. Sins are not judged (that happened at the cross) but it will be about how we managed all we have. As I read the four Gospels this is a huge issue for Jesus. We seem to ignore or overlook this critical concept of Christ’s communication.

I wonder if Lucifer has lulled us to sleep? Has the deceiver detoured us off the track? We need to live with the end in sight. If we really believed that we will stand and give an account and all of our works will be judged, shouldn’t it affect our daily lives? I actually live in fear of this day. The Apostle Paul did also, so I’m in good company.

Do you think the church, pastors, and members would act differently if we really believed this? Do we think daily of this biblical concept? It sure seems like we ignore it! If we forget this it will be to our own peril. The words I want to hear more than any other are, “Well done good and faithful servant.” I believe the furnace that Jesus tells us our works will be judged by refers to the flaming eyes of our resurrected Lord – the same one Paul saw on the Damascus road and never forgot.

Are you living as if you will give an account? If so, how? This will help all of us leaders live.

Yours to count on,