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What Do You Expect?

Hey Friends,

I had a very cool thought while I was praying the other day. I was asking the Lord to let my living room have the atmosphere of heaven. I wanted to smell, see, taste, and watch the worship in heaven. I meditated on that thought for a while and then the Lord seemed to whisper to me that atmosphere was the Leader’s job. This was a new concept and I am always listening for the voice of God.

As the Senior Pastor of Faith Promise it is my job to help the atmosphere of the church to be awesome. We can do this by our attitude. The leaders need an A+ attitude. Our attitude needs to be one of great expectancy. Our faith should ooze out of us. We should set the tone of believing God to move, to do miracles, to change lives, to show up, and a whole host of other things. Preach it, share it, tell it, believe it and the atmosphere will become charged with expectancy.

I have been asked many times, “What is the key to church growth?” Without hesitation I say it is excitement. If the church attenders are not excited they will never bring visitors. If they are excited you can’t make them stop bringing people who need Jesus. Set the atmosphere so high that every service has guests that need Jesus. It turns the worship events into a pediatric ward – happy families just waiting for new births.

Don’t be afraid to speak life, faith, belief, and all you believe God will do. If you have no faith that the Lord is going to do anything, well, are you a leader? I look for Ephesians 3:20 every time we meet.

Winning coaches push their players to reach higher and to believe. You are the coach and you need to push the players to new heights. People rise to the level to expectation. You set the level as the leader.

The atmosphere of heaven is a celestial celebration! As the leader, set the tone of heaven and believe God to show up and make it happen!

Party today!

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Second Book Finally Out! HELP!

Hey Friends,

Well, after years of work and prayer, my second book is about to be here. We had almost 10,000 copies of the first book, The Climb of Your Life:Reaching the Peak of Your Potential, out and it is still selling. Now, we have the second book: The Plan of Your Life: Managing What Matters Most!  This book will help hundreds of thousands of people grow closer to Jesus. The bottom line of the book is helping people create a personal growth plan in the five most important areas of their lives.

I am so fired up about its potential for the Kingdom of God. The book was written as a story, in a creative way to hold the reader’s attention while helping him or her to grow. The first 5,000 copies will be at Faith Promise the first weekend in December. I am now pre-selling them. You can purchase them on this website or at Faith Promise.

This book will not only help you, but anyone you give it to. I encourage you to give it as Christmas gifts or stocking suffers. This is a gift that will keep giving for the rest of eternity.

So, here is how can you HELP:

1. Pray for the book to “Grow Legs” and get into the hands of hundreds of thousands that will benefit from it.

2. Get a copy for yourself, read it and write a testimony to be added to this website.

3. Get a copy for friends and family. Christmas is the perfect time!

4. Help me get the word out by Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media you have access to. You can link to this site and get the word out.

5. Give me other ideas of how to spread the word.

Thanks in advance for your help and prayers. Together we can continue to add value to so many others.

Love and appreciate you,

Pastor Chris

P.S. Nobody makes a huge difference unless a lot of people want him or her to do so. We are better together!


Growth Changes Everything

Hey Friends,

As you already realize, I love growth! I love it personally, spiritually and ministerially. I love to see the Church grow. There is one problem with growth – IT CHANGES EVERYTHING!

I love what Larry Osborne said in his book, Sticky Teams: “Never forget, growth changes everything. A storefront church, a midsized church, a large church, and a megachurch aren’t simply bigger versions of the same thing. They are completely different animals. They have little in common, especially relationally, organizationally, and structurally.”

I used to think you just added more chairs or services and now I realize that growth causes major restructuring in the organization. Most pastors are so focused on the spiritual that we miss the required recalibration to sustain the growth and additional people. Without realizing it, many of us have hamstrung our ministries due to organizational mismanagement. Not on purpose, nor is it sin; its just not the proper structure or governance.

It is amazing that what used to work at 500, now is a barrier at 1,200. This is what I call the danger zone. Things have to change and yet no one really wants them to. We like it how it is. We like the relationships we have fostered and the reporting structure. We like it and we enjoyed watching the growth.

This leads me to a question: Which do you like more – how it is now or the vision God has given you to accomplish? You did not think it was going to be that easy, did you? If we are vision-driven then the goals and the outcome will drive our organization, not necessarily what we like.

Right now, what is holding you back from going to the next level? There is no question that change is a basic requirement. Are you ready?

Just a thought.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Leader Development – How Do We Keep It a Priority?

Hey Friends,

Even as a casual reader of this blog, you know I am totally committed to leadership and developing others to reach their leadership potential. Yet, it can easily fall out of a primary position in any organization. Even though I firmly believe everything rises and falls on leadership, radical growth can kill leader development. For the last several years Faith Promise has grown at a rate of 15-20 percent annually. With growth like this it is easy to find yourself living with your hair on fire!

With this kind of growth, hundreds of volunteers, small groups and connection points are required to assimilate God’s harvest of souls. Last year we baptised over 500 people. That is a lot of baby believers to disciple and care for. Let this go on for several years and you tend to drop leader development and just try to keep up with the growth. I know better and it still happened to me!

I am grateful God grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and pointed out my omission. Now it is time to get our hands dirty with raising up ministers and leaders.  Can we really drown in God’s blessings? We have slowed down in growth at our first campus due to space limitations. But I think there are more limitations than just space.

I am convinced that the Lord will only send us the people we can care for. Without knowing it, leadership, volunteers and groups can be the limiters, not just the facilities. Here we are with four campuses and all that is required to keep them running. Time to get back to the fundamentals!

This is not an easy shift for a staff and church that are used to radical growth. I am so excited about the future and the challenges before us. There is “gold in them there pews!” It is time to mine the potential of people who are just sitting in the pews! I believe this is God ordered and He will empower us to accomplish His vision. Your vision can never outdistance your leadership.

How do you see it?

Just thinking out loud.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris

P.S. My new book, The Plan of Your Life-Managing What Matters Most, goes on pre-sale this weekend at Faith Promise!


What Recharges Your Soul?


 Hey Friends,

This question matters more than most of us ever realize:


Our soul is like a battery. We all know that a dead battery is of little use. Some of the things you do suck life and the charge out of your battery while other things you do add power to, or recharge, your battery. Knowing the difference and managing them is a vital key to victory in your life. This goes for both the natural and the spiritual realms. Jesus knew this truth well and managed His ministry and time to stay charged up and ready to give life to others. Do you?

In one more week we are going to start a new sermon series entitled,“Losing the Leaf,” which will deal with intimacy. This series will have a great deal to do with your quality of life. Your relationships are critical in determining your quality of life. Your relationships will also determine the level of charge in your battery. I believe God created relationships to charge our soul “battery.” This is not the only way to recharge but it is one of the major ways.

If the bulk of your relationships are negative they will suck away your life and you will be deplenished, rundown, and the crash will not be pleasant. If the majority of your relationships are life-giving then you will stay charged and life will be great. Where are yours?

I know there are many more ways to recharge your batteries, but this can not be overlooked. I spent this past weekend with my son, Zac, and some great friends at a car show. It recharges my batteries. We spent the weekend eating, laughing, and looking at cars. It recharges me and I love it. I have a list of things that recharge my soul. I make sure they are in my schedule. Do you? What are some of the things that do it for you? Your list could help others.

Many of you reading this are in some form of ministry. In ministry many of our relationships are about helping and giving life. If you’re not careful you will give to the point that your batteries are empty. Don’t you hate the sound when you try to crank the car and your hear, “click, click, click?” You know the noise – dead battery – you’re going nowhere without a boost or new battery. Many in ministry are clicking and running on empty.

Recharge! Jesus did!

Love ya and praying for a long and fruitful ministry for you.

Pastor Chris

P.S. See the red light flasing on the dashboard? It says, LOW BATTERY!


The Kingdom Moves on the Tracks of Sacrifice!

Hey Friends,

As Christ followers we should be very familiar with sacrifice! Our Lord and Model showed us what it was to give your life away for others. I heard a great definition today of what sacrifice really is:

“Sacrifice is giving up something you love to be about to give to someone you love more.”   ~Bill Price 

He said just ask a grandparent what it is. I love it. I was immediately moved and began to think of what Michele and I could sacrifice in our upcoming MIRACLE OFFERING. After all, Jesus held back nothing for us and gave His all. What can I do in return and in worship?

Often I have said the Kingdom runs on the twin tracks of faith and sacrifice, and I still believe it. Show me a church where the people have faith and they sacrifice for the vision and for the Lord, and I will show you a miraculous ministry! Faith moves God’s heart and the sacrifice of God’s people provides what is needed to reach the Prodigals.

As Christ followers we are called to do what we can do and God will do what He can do. The problem with most churches is that we want God to do His part without us doing our part. If we are serious about the gospel and making it hard to go to hell from our city, then we will be marked by sacrifice. Are you doing your part?

This weekend at Faith Promise we will be giving our community a 4th of July celebration from 5:00 – 10:00 pm on Sunday, July 3rd, at Pellissippi State, Hardin Valley Campus. It will be awesome. We will have 11,000 people there. It will be totally free, just like the gospel. I am praying for 100s to be saved and 100 baptised. I hope to see you there!

Together we can make a mega difference.

Love you and praying for you,

Pastor Chris


Are You Settling or Soaring?

Hey Friends,

Are you settling or are you soaring? Soaring to your maximum potential requires just that little extra effort! It is like working on a car trying to detail it. Most people can wash, wax and even make the inside look new, but to get it perfect requires a little extra effort. That may mean cleaning all the gaps with a toothbrush, or washing under the car and painting the fender wells.

The extra 5% effort is the difference between: “That looks great!” and “Wow, that looks brand new!” Far too many people are willing to settle with what it takes to get by. That is not how a Christ follower is supposed to conduct him or herself. Jesus did not call us to “get by” or “just do enough.” We are to give everything we have – our very best – as if we are doing it for the Lord.  The Word says: “Everything your hand finds to do, do heartily as unto the Lord.”

In your life, are you giving it your best? This requires a serious dose of self-discipline and internal motivation. Often I pray Psalm 51:12: “Sustain me with a willing Spirit.” Lord, make me want to! When everyone else quits, help me give the extra effort to make my offering to You even better. Let me do my best to the point my life is honoring to you. This is easy preaching and hard living. How well are you doing in this area? I challenge you to give it your best shot.

Jesus gave His best for us. He held nothing back. As a matter of fact, He left it all on the field for us. How can we do less for Him? This attitude should be reflected in every area of your life. This means your family, your walk with the Lord, your ministry, your leadership and the list can continue. I’m sure you get the point.

Every day your life should be lived as a drink offering for Jesus. Are you being poured out on the altar of sacrifice for Him?

Time to ramp it up!

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Want Biblical Results?


Hey Friends,

Want Biblical results? Ever wonder why we read about glorious miracles in the Bible and don’t see them in our own lives or ministry? Many people have asked these questions and others just like them. We may want Biblical results, but are we ready to act Biblically? Are we ready to walk with Biblical faith? Are we ready to walk in Biblical leadership? Are we ready to believe God for Biblical results?

Have you ever noticed in most of the Biblical miracles that someone stood up with great faith? Someone believed God could! Elijah, David, Daniel, Jesus, Abraham, and so many others believed that God could. Have you given up on childlike faith? A child believes without wavering and with pure simplicity. Would you say that we adults have learned to hedge our bets when it comes to prayer? As adults we have all asked the Lord to do something that we were sure He would do. But when the Lord did not answer as we thought, we “learned” to pray – wondering! We really do not want to get our hopes up, so we pray and yet without faith. After all, no one likes to be let down.

Can you blame people for hedging their bets? Can you really expect people to pray believing when it hasn’t worked before? I believe this is where many spiritual leaders have ended up. This is where many pastors and teachers are today. They love God and know God can, but they are not sure He will. Now, they have learned to lower their expectations and don’t pray audacious prayers. They do not want to look like a failure when, or if, God does not move like they had hoped. Does this attitude bear witness with your spirit? This attitude keeps us from making bold declarations of faith!

Time to go back to kindergarten! Time to go back to bold audacious faith and pray big time prayers, believing that God will move. Think with me – we believe God is going to take us to heaven when we die. We believe He is going to come and take us out of the grave. Yet we are not sure He can grow our churches. We are not sure He will heal when we ask. We are not sure He will move in power when we said He would. It is time to go back to the simple faith of a child. HE CAN! HE WILL!

For us to see Biblical results we have to do what they did in the Bible! Are you ready?

Praying for you to see the supernatural in your ministry and leadership.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Does the Church Believe in Leadership?

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