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Connecting to Change Lives

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The Questions Every Communicator Needs to Ask

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How Can You Tell You’re Connecting?

Hey Friends,

Yesterday I recorded a video blog on connecting as the number one issue with communication. I gave a few signs that you are connecting. Let me list some more marks of connecting. This list can be found in John Maxwell’s book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. I just started the book but this list is helpful in communication:

1. Extra Effort – People become willing  to go the extra mile.

2. Unsolicited Appreciation – They say positive things.

3. Unguarded Openness – They demonstrate trust.

4. Increased Communication – They express themselves more readily.

5. Enjoyable Experiences – They feel good about what they’re doing.

6. Emotional Bondedness – They display a connection on an emotional level.

7. Positive Energy – Their emotional “batteries” are charged by being together.

8. Growing Synergy – Their effectiveness is greater than the sum of the contributions.

9. Unconditional Love – They are accepting without reservation.

It doesn’t matter whether you are communicating to a small group or a mega-church, connection is critical if you want the content to change lives! Sadly, I have watched so many try to communicate who gave no concern about connection with their hearers. Far too many just worry about the content and forget connection. I have seen this happen with so many preachers.

Many work diligently in the preparation of the message and never work on connection. This is the reason I removed a large pulpit from the stage. A huge, heavy, wooden pulpit stands between the preacher and the people. We are called to give the message of life, therefore we need to remove any man-made barriers to accomplishing what the Lord wants for us to do.

Are you connecting? Do you prepare to connect? When you are speaking do you attempt to connect? Please do not miss this vital part of communicating.

Just a thought.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Communication to Connect

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Slipping Into Summer

Hey Friends,

Summer is here and school is just about out. Summer is when we slip into the slump of lazy days of hanging around. We all need some rest and a vacation. We need down time. As Christ-followers we can see Jesus take time away. It is critical if we are going to stay sane. I hope you can take some time to unwind from the rat race and enjoy our Lord.

Some thoughts as we plan to disconnect:

1. Don’t disconnect from Christ’s Body – the Church. Summer is a great time to win the lost and see some great victories. If you are a part of the FPC family you can take us on vacation with you by visiting our Internet Campus. It is key that you stay connected.

2. Don’t disconnect from your small group. It is harder to meet in the summer. Plan some outings, cook out, go the the lake. Don’t skip the saints in the summer.

3. Don’t disconnect from your spiritual growth plan. Summer is a time to catch up on reading or Scripture memory. I am a little behind, O.K. a lot, but I will catch up.

4. Don’t disconnect from ministry. The church will continue through the summer and you are a vital part. Lives still hang in the balance.

Churches and saints prepare for a summer slump. We are going to keep growing and reaching people. We are going to have our best summer ever.  A bold declaration of faith – see my blog from yesterday!

Hope you enjoy your summer and you experience the greatest spurt in your spiritual growth to date. Be blessed and let’s turn the heat up.

Just a thought,

Pastor Chris