Hey Friends,

I had a thought a few weeks ago, (Yes, it was very lonely). Many people in the Church today refuse to do anything because their part is so small. They assume if it is small it does not matter and will not make a difference. It could be serving one hour a week, or giving an offering they feel is a small amount, or even inviting someone to Church. We have all felt as if what we do just won’t matter, so why bother?

This is a cunning lie of Lucifer. Only heaven could record the entire ministry omitted due to this ploy. He is a master deceiver! Our God does not require we do something huge for Him to move. Jesus broke the little boy’s lunch and fed 20,000. He can do miracles with little or nothing.

Imagine if in your small group or church everyone did just one small act for Jesus this week. We have about 8,000 who call Faith Promise their Church family. That would be 8,000 invites to church if we all asked one to come. If we all served one hour this week that would be 8,000 hours of serving the Savior.  Just imagine all the Lord could do with those small acts. What if everyone gave this weekend in the offering?

God wants us to do what we can and He will do the rest. He does the supernatural. Let’s pray that Christ followers everywhere see the devil’s deceit. The Church in America would explode as the miracles would be to too many to count.

Let’s pray every believer does his or her part, no matter how small the action. The servant girl in II Kings 5 told Naaman’s wife God could heal him if he would go to Israel. Her action was so small she was not even named. But her action resulted in Naaman’s physical and spiritual healing.

What could God do if we were tuned in to do the small things?

Just a thought,

Love ya,

Pastor Chris

P.S. This was the central theme in the message from our Legendary series this past weekend at Faith Promise.  Click here if you want to hear it in its entirety.