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Faith Promise Launch of UT Campus – Victory!

Hey Friends,

Thank you so much for praying and for inviting college students to the first church meeting every Sunday on the University of Tennessee campus! We had 250 there for the first service, and we are thrilled.

Students will be saved! 

Christs’ Community will be built!

Jesus will be exalted to a new level!

Thank you Faith Promise for you vision and sacrifice to give the gospel in new and fresh ways. I am so grateful to God that I get to lead this amazing church. I have never been more excited about the future and how God will use us to save souls and make it hard to go to hell from East Tennessee! You played a part, and you should be proud of your church.

Pray for the students to invite friends to this weekend’s service at 11:30 in the Alumni Memorial Building.

Pray for Pastor Josh and his team as they work tirelessly to impact UT for Jesus.

Pray for the lost to be open for an invitation.

Pray for revival to rock the campus.

Check out this article that was on the front page of the UT Daily Beacon.

These are difficult times in many ways all over the world, and Jesus may be coming back soon. We only have now to preach and witness of the  love and grace of Jesus. He said: “Let us work while it is day for night comes when no man can work.” I never cease to be amazed that Jesus would use us!

I want to be used. Do you? Time to get into the game.

See ya this weekend as we bring back honor in our series: Debt of Honor

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Shed Any Tears Lately?

Hey Friends,

It is still great to be back with you. Another thing I noticed during the sabbatical was fresh tears!

When was the last time you shed any tears?

I noticed the more time I spent with the Lord, the more tears I shed. It was crazy! At movies, during conversations with Michele, and during quiet times. The more time you spend with Jesus, the more tears you will shed. Brokenness is a beautiful thing.

The Prophet Jeremiah said, “Oh, that my head was a reservoir and I might weep day and night for the fallen in Jerusalem…” As Christ follower we should weep over many things.

One night after youth camp, Michele and I were having dinner.  As I tried to tell her a story, I could not get it out. Every time I tried, I just cried more. I have to tell you, she made fun of me as I would have done to her! We have a great relationship.

Earlier that day, I watched a family leave the beach. I watched a little boy about four years old follow his dad to the car. The boy was weighed down with lawn chairs. He was struggling to carry them. It reminded me of my son Micah when he was that age. He was always at my side and helped me with everything. His soul purpose in life was to please his dad. As I told Michele the story, I realized how I missed those days with my young children. They are grown today and pursing the Lord and busy with other things. I missed that little boy and how his eyes were always waiting for a smile from me.

That is how I want to be with my heavenly Father. Always looking to please Him and waiting for His smile. I want to be hungry for Him and to honor Him.

I am grateful for tears that prove I still have a heart, which is debatable with my family some days!

When did you last shed tears? Is your heart still soft for Jesus? This world will turn you cold, hard, and cynical. Don’t let it. Stick with Jesus, and keep shedding tears. I am grateful for my sabbatical and time with my Lord.

Thinking of You, and Love you,

Pastor Chris

P.S. If you see errors  in the blog this week, my assistant Gloria is on vacation, and next week when she returns, the mistakes will magically vanish! She deserves the rest. What a minister she is.


Hey, That Is Just For God!

Hey Friends,

Let me ask you a question: Do you have things that are set aside just for God? Things like your tithe, or some gifts, or words of worship? Years ago I noticed while reading the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible) that God gave a specific recipe for making some anointing oil. He was very specific about how it was to be made and that it was only to be used in the Tabernacle worship. It was His and just for Him!

You know, there are several things that we find in the Scriptures that God sets aside for His use. These things are called holy! They are set apart for God’s personal use.

What in your life is holy and kept to be used just for God? Do you think He deserves things set aside for Him? I do! What are some of those things?

  • A place to meet with Him
  • A time each day that is set aside for Him
  • A place in your heart that is His throne as you surrender and submit to His Lordship
  • Your tithe or first 10% of all your income

The list can go on. I would love to hear what you set apart for Him. Since we are to love Him with our “whole heart, soul, and strength,” some things should show our love and devotion.

Today is Friday, so as you attend a worship experience this weekend give Him all your praise, worship, heart, and soul.  At the heart of a leader is a heart that beats for God.

Just a thought,

Pastor Chris