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Praise the Lord for a Breakthrough!

Hey Friends,

If you read this blog very often then it means you are either my mom or you care deeply for the Church of the living God! That means for most of us we care for the Church. We want it to be healthy, grow, and see major life transformation. I truly believe this about you. My question is, “How deeply are we looking into the spiritual side of the Church?”

For several months some people I trust at Faith Promise had told me something was wrong. We  prayed, studied, brought in consultants, and did everything we could to find the problem. We probably spent more time in the natural than the spiritual. In the natural we had plateaued. Our growth was stagnant at best. When the Church is not growing I am not a happy camper. Healthy things grow, especially the Church. We looked at every system and strategy we had. Nothing seemed to help.

Then out of nowhere God broke through! We lurched forward by hundreds and are 25% over the same time last year. What happened? God happened! We had a breakthrough in the heavenlies. Spiritual war is real and hell is out to stop all of our ministries. Hell hates the Church. We must destroy the works of the devil.

What happened? I wish I knew what the Lord did, but I don’t. I’m so excited that He did! The Church is moving forward. People are being saved. There is a new excitement in the air. That cannot be produced by our clever planning or promotion. Only God can create revival, save souls, and heal broken hearts and lives. He is at work and I just want to join Him in His marvelous ministry. He can do more in five minutes in His power than we can do in a lifetime without Him.

Where do you need a breakthrough? Our God can! I pray He moves on your behalf in any area you or your ministry is blocked. It is the devil’s job to dam up our lives and ministries. We have greater power than he does. Let’s ask the Lord to send revival and break the devil’s dam in your life and for the Holy Spirit to flow freely. Praying for your victory in Jesus’ name.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


2012 Some Mountains to Climb at Faith Promise

Hey Friends,

I have asked a lot of hard questions in the last few weeks; please do not misunderstand my questions as depression or discouragement. I have never been more excited about the future of FP than I am right now. We have had almost 18 rocking years as a Church and they will serve as a launching pad for the future. Our best and brightest days are right now and in the future. I am beyond excited and thrilled.

With all that said, we are facing some tall mountains! This year is a year of expanding our largest campus. This is the campus where about 60% of our weekend attendance worships. The expansion has already created some problems, but nothing like it will in the second half of the year. The reason I am so excited is that FP always rises to the challenge or mountain that is in front of us. What a great group of people to lead!

In the fall we will have to add some additional services to handle the crowds on the Pellissippi campus. We will ask many attenders to move to some of our other campuses. I can’t wait to see how the Lord will move and how FP will climb the mountains.

Just in case anyone was wondering, let me share where we are today. Our worship attendance is at an all-time high for the summer and our average attendance for 2012 is well over 2011. Our offerings have never been higher. Money is coming in each week for the pledges on the Miracle Offering and the morale of the staff and leaders is stellar. We are poised and prepared for the challenges that we face.

We are preparing for more seats and even a new leadership development track to be ready for the next wave of revival and new souls God will bring to us. Remember for the last two years the Pellissippi campus has been at capacity and our growth has been in the other campuses.

I know the future of so much is called into question today. The economy, presidential election, and so many other things, but I believe God has placed us right where we are for such a time as this to win the lost and make a difference.

Get ready – the mountains are about to move!

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Have You Defined Success for Yourself?

Hey Friends,

I just started a great book by Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker. I believe it is going to be a great book. It deals with prayer. Making a circle around your problems or opportunities and praying until God moves. There will be more about this later in a sermon series.

One issue that I think most people deal with is specificity is prayer and knowing and listing what success really is. If you have a clearly defined mark of success you know how to pray and as He answers, He gets more glory. Let’s let the author say it: “I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t want to be successful, but very few people have actually spelled out success for themselves. We inherit a family definition or adopt a cultural definition. But if you don’t spell it out for yourself, you have no way of knowing if you’ve achieved it. You might achieve your goals only to realize that they should not have been your goals in the first place. You circle the wrong city. You climb the wrong ladder.”

Today most of my prayers are specific and my personal definition of success is imprinted in my mind:

  1. To honor God with everything I am and to bring Him glory.
  2. To have the people that know me best, love and respect me the most.
  3. To help everyone I can achieve their full potential in the Lord.
  4. To build the greatest church since Pentecost. This goal is not a competitive goal I have with other pastors or churches, but it is my goal to maximize ministry and do all He wants this congregation to do.

Most of us pray prayers that are so vague that we would not know if He answered them. This is a cop out, somehow giving God an out if He “fails.” Our God does not fail! He may not answer a prayer like we want, but His answer is what is best for us at the time.

What are you asking our powerful God to do right now? What miracle do you need? Circle your need and pray with boldness, faith and courage, believing that God will indeed move and bring Himself glory through you!

Circling your miracle with you.

Pastor Chris


Record Attendance and Momentum for 2012

Hey Friends,

I’m so excited! We had just less than 4,500 this weekend at Faith Promise. That is a non-production weekend record! Thank you, Jesus. The pace is set for 2012 at the Church. It will be our best year yet in Jesus Name.

I ask you to pray for the 10 PRAYER GOALS we believe God has given us:

  1. 500 New Core Members. We are going to stop using the word member and use the word Core. The core is who we can count on. Is that you? This question Christ asked often.
  2. 400 Baptisms. This is the greatest miracle we are asking for.
  3. 300 Total Adult Small Groups.
  4. Launching of the North Knox Campus. Pray for Pastor Mike and Kandice and the launch team.
  5. 20/20/20/  = 20,000 hours we are going to give in serving the East TN area for Jesus, 20 mission trips and 20 partners we are going to minister with.
  6. 2,000,000 given in the Miracle Offering
  7. 18% increase in General Budget Giving.
  8. 774 New Servants serving Jesus in His Body the Church. Time for hundreds to step up the the Next Level.
  9. 4700 in Average Attendance for 2012.
  10. Leadership Development Track Initiated.


This is a huge list. It will require we all pray and participate. This cannot be done by a few but by our whole body. I am counting on you to do your part. I believe God will use each of us like never before. Faith is a great journey and adventure. I can’t wait to see how the Lord will use you. Stand strong and believe with me for the favor, blessings, and presence of God to cover us like a blanket.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Air Support Needed!

Hey Friends,

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about how grateful I was for the energy level the Lord gave me. I realized this gift after six weeks of a medical issue called C. Diff. Well, it is still my unwanted friend, or rather my foe. I am on my 4th round of antibiotics. Suffice it to say, I am ready to be back to my old self.

I need your help. I am calling in air support! I am asking for an air strike on heaven. Would you pray with me and for me to be healed today! I believe in prayer and God’s unlimited power. The bacterial war raging in my “innards” is no match for the God of heaven. So, time for an air strike. Would you knock on heaven’s door for me today? I would greatly appreciate it.

What needs do you have that we could pray about for you?

 “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” James 5:16

I know God can! I am trusting Him to heal me and give me back the energy I need to accomplish the tasks He has called me to do.

Prayer Warriors to your planes.


Pastor Chris


Miracle Weekend Wall – All We Prayed For And More!


Hey Friends,

Thank you for your prayers for the miracle weekend. It was amazing, unbelievable, and off the charts. Money and pledges are still coming in and so we do not have a total for the offering part of the weekend. God moved in a glorious way. It was very cool to watch people getting to church on time and expecting the Lord to do something great. I pray that happens every weekend.

Emails are coming in and will continue for the next few weeks telling of individual miracles people experienced. Our God is able and He still moves in power. One thing He did for me was sustain me through the weekend. The enemy attacked this weekend like none I have seen before. Power outages during prayer times, car wrecks on the way to prayer, and a whole host of other issues. As for me, the closer it came to our Saturday night service the sicker I felt. After the Saturday night service the symptoms worsened. Through the night I got sicker as my temperature grew higher. With severe cramps and a high fever what was I to do?

I asked the Lord for strength and I plowed ahead, starting Sunday morning with some prayer partners and some serious warfare prayer. After each service I retreated to my office for rest and then got up for the next service. I have never experienced anything like it. Each time I prayed during the miracle services I was on the verge of passing out. But our God always comes through!

I finished the third service and made it home and to the couch. I did not move until that night. God gives us what we need when we need it. We can trust His Heart and His Hand. I am grateful for the sacrificial gifts and prayers of the body of Faith Promise that will no doubt help up hit our goal of 3 million dollars in cash and pledges. Faith Promise has risen to every challenge the Lord has laid at our feet. To Him be the glory, great things He has done!

Love Ya,

Pastor Chris


Are You Ready for a Miracle? (Guest Blog from Michele Stephens, Worship and Creative Arts Director)

Are you ready for a miracle?

I remember last year trying to explain to the Worship Ministry what Miracle Month and the Miracle Offering was, what it looked like and what to expect.  The problem was that I didn’t know for myself.  I knew that God had spoken to Chris’ heart and led him to do a month of miracles as well as include a miracle offering to financially support FPC’s initiatives.   Some people thought we would we be dancing around the offering boxes, offering our first born, and every other crazy thing they had seen on TV or read about.  I had no idea what it would look like.  As the weekend drew near we anxiously awaited to see what God was going to do.  The stock market had hit an all time low, people were not sure what to think or expect….God gloriously came through exceeding our prayer goal of 1 million dollars to the extent that we also were able to adopt an orphanage in Haiti.  Many people throughout the month prayed and believed God for physical healing, jobs, and restoration of relationships. As a result there were physical healings of Lupus, seizures and cancer.  Many people received jobs, marriages were restored and prodigals came home.  Was this all because they gave money?  No, it was because they had faith.

So, now there is this year.  We do know what last year looks like; however, we do not want yesterday’s manna.  There are still questions and fears.  Miracle Month at Faith Promise Church is a time where we concentrate on the word “miracle” – something that can only be explained by God.  If we could explain financially, physically, or spiritually our goals and expectations, they would not be considered miraculous.  It will be a miracle for people to be healed of cancer and other diseases. It will be a miracle for the people I’ve been praying for to get through some of the financial situations they are facing. It will be a miracle for family and friends to be saved, and in our current economy, it will be a miracle to have an offering of 2 million dollars – but that’s just it – a miracle!!!!  Something that can’t be explained by what we can do.  Instead of being worried if it can happen based on what you personally can do, begin praying about what He can do.  There is no way to accomplish it with the resources inside of the people at Faith Promise Church – there is a way with the resources of Jehovah Jireh – the Lord our Provider.

I want to be a part of something that can only be explained by God so that He gets all the credit, glory and honor and not me, my family, or Faith Promise Church. Rather than be worried if I can come up with a certain dollar amount, or if the people I’m praying for will receive their miracle – I am praying that God help my faith to trust and believe Him.  There is no pressure or guilt on me, just expectation and wonderment.  What are you believing God for?  Step out there.


Can God Still Do Miracles?

Hey Friends,

As many of you know August is miracle month at Faith Promise. We are marching off the map this month. We are going where few Churches have gone before. We are believing God for the supernatural. We are looking for healings, restoration of relationships, salvation of family and friends, and a huge MIRACLE OFFERING.

This may blow your mind but we are praying for a $2,000,000 cash offering and another $1,000,000 pledged in the next 12 months. I know it is a recession and times are hard but God is not limited. Is He not still supernatural? Can He not still heal and save? You bet He can! So let’s trust Him to do it and let’s step out of the boat and believe Him to do it.

Our Miracle weekend will be the 20-21 of this month. It will be off the chart. I hope you are not of the crowd that scoffs at the power of God. What miracle do you need? A job, financial, relational, physical, a miracle is the God’s answer to a pressing need. No problems you don’t need a miracle. I am looking for an open heaven. I am looking for God to move in power and pour out His Spirit and Glory. Are you with me?

The series this month is 10 STEPS BACK.  We are going to hang out with Hezekiah. God sent Isaiah the prophet to tell Hezekiah he was going to die in three days. Hezekiah asked God to give him more time and God said yes. He would add 15 years to Hezekiah’s life. God offered a sign: the sun to  go on 10 steps or back 10 steps. “Back”, was the answer Hezekiah gave. An astrological impossibility! God specializes in impossibilities. So the sun went back 10 steps.

This month I believe the sun will go back 10 steps for us. Can you believe with me? How can we pray for you? The week leading up to the miracle weekend we will have 100 hours of prayer in our sanctuary. As a spiritual family, no matter where you are, God CAN! Do you have the faith to believe?

Love ya and praying for ya,

Pastor Chris


Want Biblical Results?


Hey Friends,

Want Biblical results? Ever wonder why we read about glorious miracles in the Bible and don’t see them in our own lives or ministry? Many people have asked these questions and others just like them. We may want Biblical results, but are we ready to act Biblically? Are we ready to walk with Biblical faith? Are we ready to walk in Biblical leadership? Are we ready to believe God for Biblical results?

Have you ever noticed in most of the Biblical miracles that someone stood up with great faith? Someone believed God could! Elijah, David, Daniel, Jesus, Abraham, and so many others believed that God could. Have you given up on childlike faith? A child believes without wavering and with pure simplicity. Would you say that we adults have learned to hedge our bets when it comes to prayer? As adults we have all asked the Lord to do something that we were sure He would do. But when the Lord did not answer as we thought, we “learned” to pray – wondering! We really do not want to get our hopes up, so we pray and yet without faith. After all, no one likes to be let down.

Can you blame people for hedging their bets? Can you really expect people to pray believing when it hasn’t worked before? I believe this is where many spiritual leaders have ended up. This is where many pastors and teachers are today. They love God and know God can, but they are not sure He will. Now, they have learned to lower their expectations and don’t pray audacious prayers. They do not want to look like a failure when, or if, God does not move like they had hoped. Does this attitude bear witness with your spirit? This attitude keeps us from making bold declarations of faith!

Time to go back to kindergarten! Time to go back to bold audacious faith and pray big time prayers, believing that God will move. Think with me – we believe God is going to take us to heaven when we die. We believe He is going to come and take us out of the grave. Yet we are not sure He can grow our churches. We are not sure He will heal when we ask. We are not sure He will move in power when we said He would. It is time to go back to the simple faith of a child. HE CAN! HE WILL!

For us to see Biblical results we have to do what they did in the Bible! Are you ready?

Praying for you to see the supernatural in your ministry and leadership.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Multitude of Miracles

Hey Friends,

As I write this, it is Easter Sunday and the day is coming to a close. I have been basking in all the Lord has done. 12 amazing services and so many saved it was impossible to count. Then a crawfish boil with family and friends. It just doesn’t get any better than this. God is so good to me, that is why I say I’m His favorite.

We were praying for 13,000 people in the last two weekends. We were also praying for 1,000 people to be saved. We had 13,300 in attendance and over 500 people saved. The Faith Promisers just blew it up and invited thousands of family and friends to the last two weekends. I have been blown away at how committed the Promisers are to winning the lost and making a difference in people’s lives. They will do whatever it takes to bring people closer to Christ. What an unbelievable privilege to serve this amazing Army of God.

I have to tell you I am getting to live the dream and it is glorious! I feel so badly because so many in the ministry have it so difficult. In the book of Hebrews it says for the Church not to make it difficult for the leaders to lead. The Promisers make it so easy for the staff and pastors to lead. God is moving in such a powerful way that it is so cool to be a part. I really never knew it could be so great.

The reason I felt led to start LIT Conferences is to help other leaders make a greater difference. God has blessed me to the max. He has also blessed FP and we so long to see every church grow and reach people for Jesus. I believe it is the will of God for every church. Together we can make a huge difference.

We are already planning for next Easter. I believe the best days are yet to be lived. Are you ready?

Thanks to God and to Him be the glory!

Love ya,

Pastor Chris