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“And You Shall Be My Witnesses…”


Hello Friends,

As I write this blog Michele and I are in London doing mission work with one of our Faith Promise partners, C3 Global. What better time to be here than when so many from across the world have gathered in one place!  Please pray for our team as we serve with area pastors and churches to help spread the Good News to those who so desperately need to hear it. 

I will be praying for all of our campuses this coming weekend as we finish up our Legendary series. You won’t want to miss running a lap with this famous Old Testament hero! 

Look for a new post next week.


Pastor Chris


It’s Crunch Time! (Guest Blog from Terry duPont of Open Eyes Ministries)

Hello Friends,

Today the post is from my dear friend and missionary, Terry duPont.  Only God can record the thousands of salvations and lives changed due to the faithful and tireless work of Terry and his wife, Arlene, through Open Eyes Ministries.   I encourage you to visit their website to see how God is moving throughout Central America and how you can get involved.

I am still on sabbatical and enjoying traveling, relaxing and most of all, praying and experiencing a fresh Word  and vision from our Lord. I ask for your prayers as I preach on Friday evening for 200 of our students at camp in Myrtle Beach. 

The blog will fire back up in August and I can’t wait!    See you soon!


Pastor  Chris



I’ve always been a “huge” sports fan. I love sports. Playing sports changed my life early on and gave me a place to belong.

I love winners also. I’m sorry, but I must confess that I follow the New York Yankees with a passion, plus the Boston Celtics, SEC football, and others because year after year they are the best. I have had a chance to converse with some great winners: Doc Rogers, Coach of the Celtics, Bill Rogers, the Olympic runner, Dave Winfield and Jim Palmer of MLB fame and have spent a few minutes with “Dr. J,” Julius Erving. But the greatest winner in my time was Michael Jordon. When it was crunch time, they knew in whose hand to put the ball if they wanted to win the game.

I truly believe it is “Crunch Time” for leaders and pastors today. People follow us because of who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. The world is full of leaders but we have been set apart to change the world. We are winners and we need to act like winners so we will draw dynamic and spirit-filled people who want to be just like us.

It’s Crunch Time; gimme the ball!

God Bless,

Terry duPont

Open Eyes Ministries


Guest Blog from Terry duPont of Open Eyes Ministries

I was certainly surprised and excited when I was notified that the Mayor of the city of Comayagua, Honduras wanted to meet with us about raising the level of leadership in his government. I agreed to evaluate his 26 department heads and develop a plan of action to raise their leadership skills.

It has been an awesome time and many problems have been addressed. We have also been blessed greatly as we observed their interest in becoming the best they can be as leaders. Then I remembered something I had read several years ago: “We have to remember what we observe is not nature in itself but nature exposed to our method of questioning.”

We were able to help them understand differently from what they already thought they knew. Their eyes were opened to see the truth of leadership from a different perspective. Because of this I have become a better leader, for now I find myself looking deeper into what I think I already know.

As we work in so many areas in Central America: churches, governments, National Police, schools, universities, military, businesses and more, it is my desire to first understand and question myself on what I think I know before helping others do the same.

It is time again to re-think and re-focus our commitment to be the very best in all we do.

I’m committed and I hope you are also.

God Bless,
Terry duPont
Open Eyes Ministries

P.S.  My thanks go out to my great friend, and thought leader, Terry duPont, for this leadership challenge.  Please consider supporting Terry and his wife, Arlene, through Open Eyes Ministries as they continue to spread the Gospel throughout Central America.


The Blessings of Leadership: Guest Blog from Terry duPont of Open Eyes Ministries

As leaders, we deal with so many different people, personalities and perspectives, that sometimes we become overloaded with all the different agendas. To put it mildly; leadership is time consuming, difficult, and sometimes downright hard.

As a missionary in Central America continuing to push forward and expand across Central America, I am well aware of the difficulties and my personal need to follow God’s will and to be the best leader and Christian I can be. But what blessings have been received make the difficulties minute, in comparison.

As I think of the dozens of ministries birthed out of Open Eyes Ministries across Central America and the hundreds of thousands of professions of faith, I remember the vision from God and it stays hot to the core. I marvel at the thousands of churches and tens of thousands of cell groups we are working with and am overjoyed at the transformation of so many lives.

OEM is blessed each day to be able to feed hundreds of children who need food and the love of Christ, to distribute clothing to the poor, and on and on. The blessings are too many to count. When times get tough, I stop and remember the blessings and who called us and placed us here.

In this time when so many “leaders” seem to give up when problems continue to arise, I say, “Just remember the blessings of God in your life.” Problems always pale in comparison to God’s blessings.

Be blessed today,
Terry duPont
Open Eyes Ministries

P.S.  Thank you to my dear friend and fellow Pastor, Terry duPont, for sharing this encouraging word with us.  I have ministered with Terry and his wife, Arlene, many times across Central America and have watched God move and save thousands.  I encourage you to pray and give to support this anointed ministry. 


Growing Stronger Through Adversity – Guest Blog from Terry duPont of Open Eyes Ministries

Just a few weeks ago a young dynamic pastor was murdered as he walked his dog at night near his home in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. It was senseless death for a few dollars.

In El Salvador we were told and warned that the practice of kidnapping, ransom and murder of pastors was on the rise.

When meeting with the National Police recently in Honduras for a leadership session, the Chief who is charge of kidnapping offered some advice; change your routes frequently, stay alert, watch carefully where you go and do not take any risks.  This all sounds like the book of Acts.

The uplifting thing that strengthens my heart is what pastors are saying in these countries. “We will not be beaten down, but we will endure.  We will not be afraid and we will not lose heart.”

“Therefore since we have this ministry, as we receive mercy, we do not lose heart.” (2 Corinthians 4:1)

Even in these times, in all adversity, more people are hearing the gospel, more people are making the right decision to follow Christ as their Lord and Savior, and more churches are strengthening themselves for the battle. Come what may, we just need to keep our eyes on Jesus and we all shall prevail and grow stronger through adversity.


Terry duPont,  Director of Open Eyes Ministries (

P.S.  Thanks to my great friend, Terry duPont, for sharing this story with us.  Please visit his website shown above to learn how you can pray for, participate in and contribute to this anointed ministry in Central America.


God’s Awesome Presence – Guest Blog from Terry duPont of Open Eyes Ministries

Recently as we ministered in San Miguel, El Salvador, we found ourselves standing in a community that was known to all as the most dangerous “spot” in that city of over 500,000 people. Drugs, alcohol, shootings, and gangs were so numerous in the past that most people would not go out after dark.

Then an amazing thing happened. In the church we were working with, we discovered 23 former members of a powerful gang that had been saved and chosen by God to make a difference in their areas for the Kingdom. One, whose name is Hector, had been sentenced to 120 years in prison, but after receiving Christ was released in two years and now is a great leader in that church.

 Here is what I discovered with this encounter:

1.  God is at work everywhere, even in the most dangerous places.

2.  I believe God wants us to take His Word to places like this.

3.  “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” 2 Kings 6:16

Of course we must use the common sense God has given us, but my heart is to help those leaders become all they can be and partner with them to make a difference in San Miguel and elsewhere.

Killings still happen, drugs are still sold, but God’s presence is paving the way for revival there.

What an awesome God we serve,

Terry duPont, Director of Open Eyes Ministries (

P.S.  I so appreciate my long-time friend and fellow pastor, Terry duPont, for sharing this great news with us.  I invite you to visit their website to find out more about this anointed ministry and how you can be a part.  Please lift Terry, his wife  Arlene, and their team up in prayer daily as they share the Good News to the lost in Central America.


Guest Blog from Terry duPont of Open Eyes Ministries


Hello Friends,

In my 30 years of studying and teaching leadership, I often think back to what made the greatest impact on my ability to help others be all they can be.

Certainly my salvation and the Holy Spirit’s influence on me was the great turning point because He opened my heart and my eyes to the call of God. But, decades ago I discovered the following principles which I still share today across Central America and the USA. I titled them, the 7 Commandments of Leadership. I want to share these steps with you:

  1. Planning – Nothing happens correctly without first having a plan/vision.
  2. Organizing – Next, the vision/plan needs to be put in an organizational structure.
  3. People – People need to be placed in the organizational structure – not just people, but the right people.
  4. Influence – The people in the organization must be influenced to the vision.
  5. Evaluate – Everything including steps 4, 3, 2, and 1 must be continually evaluated.
  6. Change – Whatever the evaluation shows is not the best, must be tweaked or changed.
  7. Control – Some things like the vision, values, and budget, etc. must be controlled, but all others empowered.

These steps are not interchangeable but stay at 1 – 7. I promise if you use these or something like these principles, you will be blessed. I certainly have been and continue to be.

God Bless,

Terry duPont, Director of Open Eyes Ministries (

P.S. from Pastor Chris –  Please pray for my great friend and fellow pastor, Terry duPont and his wife, Arlene, as they minister to the lost in Central America through their anointed ministry.  Please visit the website above to see how God is using them in a phenomenal way. I encourage you to consider helping them share the Gospel with your prayers, monetary support and mission participation. 


Please Pray for Me!

Hey Friends,

Early this morning I will be with our team on my way to Haiti. That poor little country has had so much trouble and pain. We are going to check out the orphanage that Faith Promise has taken over providing support. As you may know, almost no repair has been made from the earthquake and now the hurricane has just passed over.

They can’t seem to get a break. Please pray for us as we go representing Jesus and His Kingdom. The last two days of the trip, Thursday and Friday, we will be training local pastors. No doubt those guys need help and support. Please pray for wisdom and the power of God to fall. Pray for safety for our  team and a safe return to the States.

I’ll try to send some blogs from Haiti if I have internet connection. Clueless! I do want to make a difference for Jesus while we are there.

When we return, the message at FPC this weekend will be: “The Gospel Really is Good News.”

Pray for God to move and send revival.

Love you and will send messages.

Pastor Chris


Is The World Getting Smaller?

Hey Friends,

Last night I was teaching in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica. As we were getting ready for the service to start, the projector started slide announcements. I was impressed, to say the least. The last announcement was to “please silence your cell phones”. I have to tell you that was not what I was expecting. Here I am in Central America, and in church they had to ask people not to disturb the service with phones. I even watched people texting while I was teaching. (I’m sure they were tweeting the tidbits I was teaching!!!)  As I watched all this unfold, I was talking to my wife in the United States and also texting some of the staff at Faith Promise.

I believe the world is getting smaller. Not to long ago that ordeal would have taken a month to communicate. Yep, the world is shrinking. My question is that if the world is shrinking, shouldn’t it be easier to get the gospel out? We can leave our home in the morning and be around the world before the day is out.

We have access to places never before dreamed. Now is the time to get the message of Jesus out to a lost and  dying world. Almost 2 billion people have never heard the message of Jesus. They will spend forever separated from Him in a Devil’s hell. Now is the time to move out while we can. What would the Apostle Paul do with our technology and our opportunity?

Jesus may be coming back soon, and now is the time to make some serious strides in His commands and commissions. When He returns, we will be without excuse in our lack of evangelism and taking His glory to the ends of the  earth.

What will you do to make a difference? That is the question of the day!

Love ya,

Pastor Chris