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Is The Next Generation Ready?


Hey Friends,

Earlier this week I wrote on passing the baton to the next generation. Now let’s flip the coin over and ask another question: Is the next generation ready to receive the baton?

First let me say you do not have to be 60 to be spiritual. The disciples Jesus picked were mostly young. Peter had only been saved less than four years when he preached the message on the day of Pentecost. Pretty amazing! Three things young adults have to do to receive the baton:

  1. Give honor and respect to the current generation. Do you think Joshua tried to push Moses aside so he could lead? “Come on Moses, you are 120 years old! Are you going to die?” We all know this did not happen. The Scripture is clear about respecting the grey-headed. I Tim. 3 starts out with dealing with older saints. They have great wisdom we need to draw out. Only experience gives wisdom. If you want to get help for your marriage, ask someone married for 50 years!!!
  2. Be patient. I Tim. 5:22 warns about raising up a young leader too quickly and the problems that can cause. Be patient, show respect, and be ready when the baton is placed into your hands. Rehoboam should have listened to the older counselors of his father. If he had, the Nation would not have split.
  3. Be ready to learn. (I Tim. 2:15)  At 25 years old, I knew it all. Today, after 30 years in the ministry I’m not sure what the questions are. Younger leaders need to be humble enough to learn from the aged. They have fought the good fight and are still in the game. They know a lot.

For the Church to continue it must pass the baton. To miss the pass is to kill the Church. There are more churches closing their doors in America than ever before. They missed the pass. We are called to raise up the next generation. Ask the Lord to give you a heart for the next generation.

I had to adjust my attitude about the next generation. Drew Wells of  The Lead Block helped me see how I must reach out to them and love them. I will forever be grateful for his friendship and leadership. He is a young leader making a difference.

Hope this helps.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Are the Doors Open to the Next Generation?

Hey Friends,

Let me make a statement that should be accepted by everybody, but it is ignored by most. If the church is to continue in America we have to prepare the next generation. The statement is beyond debate! Without the next generation the Church is doomed when we die. So, are we going to open the doors for them? I pray we are.

Let me give you seven things we must do to pass the baton:

  1. Make room for them. (I Tim. 4:12, 14) Human nature is to hold on to power and positions. Without planning and prayer we will hold on too long and miss the passing of the baton.
  2. Pour into them. (I Tim 6:20, II Tim. 1:6, 13) The Apostle Paul poured into the next generation. We must do likewise. Open the doors for them to serve at every level of the Church.
  3. Make them feel loved and wanted. (2 Tim. 1:4) People go where they are celebrated not tolerated. Students and young adults know whether they are wanted and welcome. If you do not do this strategically and with great effort and planning, you are not doing it.
  4. Continue to build family ministry. By this I mean those 0-18 years of age. Pour money and effort into them.
  5. Stay out of the box in your ministry. Be creative and relevant.  Are you working on connecting to the next generation? Young adults have left the Church because it is boring, dry and irrelevant. Get out of the box. The ministry is about who is not there yet.
  6. Keep the music edgy. If you’re a senior saint and you love the music at your church, you are either very hip or the music will not connect with a 25 year old! Ask some young adults.
  7. Teach them how to think. (2 Tim. 3:16-17) Help them understand why you do what you do. The methods change but the message never does. We carry the Word and the Gospel, that is all.

Look around this Sunday at your church. Are there any people under 30? What about the nursery, any kids? What about student ministry? That is the future of your church. If you are filled with older saints the longer you do not pass the baton the closer your church is to death.

Just a thought.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris



Faith Promise Launch of UT Campus – Victory!

Hey Friends,

Thank you so much for praying and for inviting college students to the first church meeting every Sunday on the University of Tennessee campus! We had 250 there for the first service, and we are thrilled.

Students will be saved! 

Christs’ Community will be built!

Jesus will be exalted to a new level!

Thank you Faith Promise for you vision and sacrifice to give the gospel in new and fresh ways. I am so grateful to God that I get to lead this amazing church. I have never been more excited about the future and how God will use us to save souls and make it hard to go to hell from East Tennessee! You played a part, and you should be proud of your church.

Pray for the students to invite friends to this weekend’s service at 11:30 in the Alumni Memorial Building.

Pray for Pastor Josh and his team as they work tirelessly to impact UT for Jesus.

Pray for the lost to be open for an invitation.

Pray for revival to rock the campus.

Check out this article that was on the front page of the UT Daily Beacon.

These are difficult times in many ways all over the world, and Jesus may be coming back soon. We only have now to preach and witness of the  love and grace of Jesus. He said: “Let us work while it is day for night comes when no man can work.” I never cease to be amazed that Jesus would use us!

I want to be used. Do you? Time to get into the game.

See ya this weekend as we bring back honor in our series: Debt of Honor

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Some Young Adults Rocking Their City

Hey Friends,

The LIT Conference is officially one month away in Nashville. I was in Nashville yesterday working with part of the staff at Cross Point Church. I have to tell you those guys blew me away. They are a sharp bunch of young people. Somewhere in the middle of the meeting when they saw the promotion had not been going great they “kicked it into a whole nother level.” It was unbelievable. I have heard a lot about the “sorry” work ethic of young adults and have participated in it at times. NOT these guys. They created an immediate campaign for me. It was awesome to watch them cook.

Realize none of what were doing was their “job.” This was above and beyond. I see why Cross Point is the 28th Fastest Growing Church in America. I was impressed. These guys took charge. They also gave me several different options and they were willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. Each one of them volunteered for additional work. Thank the Lord. I must say @petewilson and @jennicatron have done an amazing job in building their staff. My hat’s off to them.

I was in Dallas a week ago for the C3 conference and that, too, was full of 20-somethings fired up for the Lord and for His Church. I have to tell you as I watch this next generation I am not as concerned for the future of the Church, if Jesus tarries His coming. He is calling and raising up some amazing leaders for His Bride. They may fix some of the mess my generation caused.

Yesterday’s meeting also fired me up for the LIT Conference in Nashville. Let’s get the word out. It is going to be an an awesome day for the Kingdom.

We are better together.

Love ya a lot,

Pastor Chris


Leadership Is About Raising Up The Next Generation

Hey Gang,

I’ve got to tell you I am so excited about the Lord Jesus and what He is up to.  Several of the staff at Faith Promise have asked me what I got while I was at the conference. (First, I know they did not read my blog last week. Not smart.) I was impacted by so much, but what moved me the most was the fired up students and young adults at Hillsong Church.  It rocked me to the core.  So, what am I going to do about it? Great question!

1. I am going to be a better leader. I have watched the young adult population grow and for that I am grateful. I know I want to see young adults by the thousands committed to the church the Lord is building. This will require me to be better and filled to the max by the Holy Spirit.

2. I must change my attitude about young adults.  I thought I had, to be honest with you.  I think I let down on our young people and lowered the bar.  Not now –  I am looking for young adults to buy in and pour their passion for Jesus into His church and I want to help them develop a heart for the house.

3. I am going to open up more leadership for them.  I have watched denominations begin to die because they did not make room for the next generation.  I am going to make room.  On the stage, ushers, greeters, singers, dramas, and everywhere you look you will see them.  As a matter of fact, I have already met with our middle school Pastor, Matt Grimes, to get his help and he was fired up.

4. I am asking the Lord to move in revival and draw them in by the thousands. Most of the disciples were young adults when Jesus called them to come and follow Him.

5. I will be more pointed in my leadership. I usually want people to do what I ask because they want to.  Not anymore.  As the Senior Pastor I will be a little more forceful and make sure everyone on the staff lines up with the vision.  We all need to grow and this is my area right now.

Pray with me that we do not lose the next generation.  As leaders in the Kingdom of God it is our responsibility to bring them along and raise them up.  Look around –  there are not many young adults in most churches.  We are not going to be most churches.  It is time for some serious leadership for Jesus.

Love ya,