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This is Too Hard!!!


Hey Friends,

Have you ever heard someone say something like this: “It is too hard, I’m quitting, why does everything have to be so hard…” I hear this on a daily basis. If you allow this stinking thinking into your mind it will cause you great grief. Remember winning or losing, going on or quitting, is a war that is waged in your mind first. What you are is a result of your thinking. God says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

God will not allow you to be in a situation you cannot handle with His help. Jesus sent us the “Helper.” When the children of Israel left Egypt, God led them the long way. We all like the short way, the easy way, the fastest way. That is not always the plan of the Lord for us. When Jesus went into the wilderness and was tested or tempted by the devil, He never said, “This is too hard.”

Can you imagine the Lord complaining to the disciples that something is too hard? Take this phrase out of your vocabulary. It is stinking thinking and will make the journey harder for you. It will make it easier to quit. That is exactly where the enemy wants you.

I guess somewhere along the way we began thinking like the Israelites that entering our promised land was going to be effortless and without battles. This is not the case. You have to manage your expectations. We are at war and it will not be easy until we get to heaven. Yet in the midst of the mess, we have the power of God to walk us through.

The mindset of the Israelites was making this quick and easy. It was actually an 11-day journey that took them 40 years because of their complaining and lack of faith. Don’t be a Sunday Warrior and a Monday Whiner.

You truly can “do all things through Christ who strengthens us.” Never give up! Keep the faith and keep fighting. He who rose from the dead fights for us, so You are a winner already. Believe what the Word says about you.

Just a thought.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


This is What I’m Talking About!!!


Hey Friends,

I just received this email below from a great man of God. I love it when a plan comes together. Many times you pray and you work and hope it all works out. It did with my book, The Plan of Your Life. I wanted to let you know how people are receiving the book and to ask for your help getting the word out. I do not have a lot of contacts outside of Faith Promise and could use all the help you can give in spreading the word.

This is awesome and was written by a man leading an organization training literally millions of leaders for Jesus world-wide:


I have just read The Plan of Your Life. Wow! It is powerful. I couldn’t put the book down.

After I finished reading the book, I sat and wept for an hour as I reflected on my father’s death on Christmas Eve morning when I was only 11. I recalled the many lessons he taught me even in the short time we did life together.

I thought of my two sons and a daughter whom I have endeavored to teach by words and by example.

Chris, you have written a masterpiece! While it explains a tremendous plan for personal growth, it is much more – it is a roadmap for living a life that really matters, that makes a difference for time and eternity. Rarely have I appreciated a book so much. 

Doug Carter

Senior Vice President


John C Maxwell, Founder

As you help me get the book out God will use it in helping others connect with Him and grow to their full potential. We have a discount for churches that get a box of 36 books. Together we can make a huge difference in people.

Thanks in advance and I love and appreciate you.

Pastor Chris



God Can Open Any Door!

Hey Friends,

We all know that the Lord can open any door! As anyone who reads this blog knows, I wrote a book called, The Plan of Your Life. My plan was to let Faith Promise have the first shot at the first printing. Now I am trying to go wider and get the word out.

This is the plan as I have it now, or the doors the Lord has opened for me:

  • Monday, January 30, at 2:00 pm EST, I will be interviewed on KAJN radio in Southwest Louisiana.
  • Tuesday, January 31, at 9:00 am EST, I will be on the Harvest Show in South Bend, Indiana to be interviewed. (This show will be replayed at 9:00 pm EST that evening and at 2:00 am on February 1)
  • Tuesday, March 13, I will be on the Daystar Christian Network in Dallas for an interview.
  • Hallerin Hilton Hill radio show is lining up an interview.
  • I am sending copies to about 100 pastors and Christian leaders with whom I have a relationship. I am praying that many will help get the word out and even help sell a case of 36 books.

I hope this is only the beginning. Please pray with me for the right doors to open. The Word says, God opens doors no man can open…”

I’ll bet everyone reading this blog needs the Lord to open a door! Let’s pray for each other. We also need to help each other. If you know a way I could get the word out on the book please let me know. You have already given some great promotional ideas and I am grateful. Let us know how we can help you. We are a team and as such, we need to be in each other’s corner.

I really believe that my book can help anyone who reads it. It will be used by the Lord to help believers achieve their full potential.

Thanks for your help and prayers.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


2012 Failure is Fantastic

Failure is Fantastic!

An odd title to be sure, but a very true one. The title of  this blog is not a sentiment that most people agree with. I can promise you the
most successful people in the world would all agree. If you want to make any  significant changes in your life this New Year it is a thought you will have to  embrace or change will be next to impossible.

Let me explain: If you are of the failure is final club then  you are VERY RESISTENT to change because no one is good at something new. Who complains that a baby can’t talk? No one, because when you are learning something new it takes time. The failure
is final people can’t try new things because failure is a requirement in developing new skills or making significant change in your life.

In the very popular book “Switch” the authors suggest building in the expectation of failure in any new endeavor. This is a brilliant idea. If you want or need to make changes in you or help the people around you this book is a must read. We have all tried new things and failed and quickly given up. We should have expected to fail and then learn to do better. We have all made New Year resolutions only to fail in the first week. Hey this is the first week! So, we learn to forgo resolutions and curse change.

This New Year get bold, and make those changes you need to make. Know you will fail at first but failure is fantastic. I have a chapter on failure in my first book. If you are not failing or falling then you are not trying to improve. We all want to improve!

Take the challenge to get better: your marriage, finances, kids, hobbies, profession, walk with God, ministry… The list is long.

Where do you need to improve this New Year? What would make your life better? Where is God prompting you right now as you read this? I know He is!

People get excited about starting the process. The problems come in the middle of change. We fail, and it is harder than we first expected.  For those that endure to the end improvements come. Change happens. The end they are the most joyous and excited. We all love the end. When we have accomplished what we set out to do.

Set out on the new journey knowing you will fail, it’s really O.K. just start and see where God will take you and what you can
accomplish if you do not fear failure.

Love you,

Pastor Chris


How Will You Spend The Next 2 Weeks?

Hey Friends,

The next 2 weeks are my favorite time of the year. The world will slow down and I get to spend more time with the Lord. In this precious time I will complete my Personal Growth Plan for 2012. I am so fried up about this because this is the main tool the Lord will use to grow me into the man He wants me to be. I am so excited about all the potential for miracles in the New Year! What are you looking for in 2012?

I am always amazed at how few believers have a growth plan!!! The number one command in the Bible is to:


 We all know this and we do actually love the Lord. But, why do so many have no plan for growth and to incorporate the spiritual disciplines invented by God for our benefit? We have a plan for everything else in life except the most important thing.

I am pretty sure the enemy of God has a part in the people that love God not having a plan. Paul told Timothy to be very careful in the
disciplines and to continue to grow. At the risk of repeating myself that is why I wrote the book, The Plan of Your Life. I am very passionate about personal growth and helping others be ready for the Bema Seat of Judgment in heaven.

I want to be on the front row and hear the Lord say to you, “Well done…” As you walk off the judgment seat we will high five and I will have added value to you. Please know of my love and prayers for you. Pray with me that my book will get into the hands of thousands who will read it and become more like Jesus. He is our example. Praying

God’s richest blessing on you in the Christmas season and the New Year.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Trying To Add Value

Hey Friends,

I had a thought while praying for you this morning. Since the new book went on sale last week my first book has started selling again. I am going to offer everyone both books for $20.00. Everybody loves a deal, especially at Christmas. So here it is, just for you.

My chief aim and goal is to help people achieve their full potential placed in them by the Lord. Both of these books are designed to do just that. Since most people just got the book last weekend few have finished it, but those that have already have sent great endorsements and testimonies.

I have worked and prayed over the new book for many years. It was and is a labor of love. It is my prayer as you read the book that you will have a clear plan for your personal and family growth for 2012.

Thanks for helping me get the word out. “Everything you hand finds to do, do it heartily for the Lord.”

Praying for you.

Love ya

Pastor Chris


Help, Help, Help!!!


Hey Friends,

No one does anything big for God unless a lot of people want to help. We are all parts of the same body in Christ. I need some help!!! My book was delivered last Thursday. It was an exciting day for me as you can imagine. I have in the office 4,500 copies that need to be in the hands of people to read. I give a money back guarantee that God will use the book to change lives.

I need help getting the word out. Keith Gray, one of our Elders, read most of the book Sunday and called the office Monday for 15 more copies to give out to friends. Help me get these books in the hands of people. No matter where you are with the Lord, this book will help you to the next step in your personal growth.

The book can be purchased at any of our Faith Promise campuses. It can be ordered online and both the book and E-book can be purchased on this website. This book is a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.

Another way you can help is to let us know what you think of the book after you read it. I will put the testimonies on this website. Also, if you would do me a favor and post a review of the book here, that would be very helpful to me.  Click this link, and under “Customer Reviews” click the “Create your own review” button.

Pray with me that this book grows legs. I am praying for hundreds of thousands of copies to be in the hands of people to help them in a passionate pursuit of God.

The tool described in this book is what the Lord has used since 1991 to help me grow more like Jesus. I believe God will use this book to transform lives, small groups, families, and churches. Pray for the Lord to be honored and exalted in the offering for His glory.

I cannot do this alone, but together we can make a difference and this book is just a small part. Thank you in advance for your help, prayers and promotion. Let’s use the social media, facebook, twitter, email blasts, word of mouth, and any other way you can dream up to help people get it and grow into their full potential.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris

P.S. Remember, after you read it please send me an email of how the book impacted you and how the Lord used it in your life.


Second Book Finally Out! HELP!

Hey Friends,

Well, after years of work and prayer, my second book is about to be here. We had almost 10,000 copies of the first book, The Climb of Your Life:Reaching the Peak of Your Potential, out and it is still selling. Now, we have the second book: The Plan of Your Life: Managing What Matters Most!  This book will help hundreds of thousands of people grow closer to Jesus. The bottom line of the book is helping people create a personal growth plan in the five most important areas of their lives.

I am so fired up about its potential for the Kingdom of God. The book was written as a story, in a creative way to hold the reader’s attention while helping him or her to grow. The first 5,000 copies will be at Faith Promise the first weekend in December. I am now pre-selling them. You can purchase them on this website or at Faith Promise.

This book will not only help you, but anyone you give it to. I encourage you to give it as Christmas gifts or stocking suffers. This is a gift that will keep giving for the rest of eternity.

So, here is how can you HELP:

1. Pray for the book to “Grow Legs” and get into the hands of hundreds of thousands that will benefit from it.

2. Get a copy for yourself, read it and write a testimony to be added to this website.

3. Get a copy for friends and family. Christmas is the perfect time!

4. Help me get the word out by Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media you have access to. You can link to this site and get the word out.

5. Give me other ideas of how to spread the word.

Thanks in advance for your help and prayers. Together we can continue to add value to so many others.

Love and appreciate you,

Pastor Chris

P.S. Nobody makes a huge difference unless a lot of people want him or her to do so. We are better together!


Recent Reads

Hey Friends,

Maybe you have noticed I have not been posting near as many blogs lately. Three months of not feeling good has a way of slowing you down. Most of you know I love to read and grow. Part of my personal growth plan for 2011 is to read 25 books. Thought I would give you some of the latest books that I enjoyed. These are in no particular order of priority.

1. IR-REV-REND. By Greg Surratt. This was a great read. It is funny and devotional in nature. The author is a great man of God and leader in the Kingdom.

2. Onward. By Howard Schultz. This was a great book of passion and leadership in difficult circumstances. I highly recommend it.

3. Leading On Empty. By Wayne Cordellio. This is a must read for leaders in ministry and any leader would gain great value by reading the book. It could save your life or ministry.

4. Presidential Courage. I forgot the author but it was an awesome book. The book deals with difficult decisions in the worse times. These decisions changed our Nation.

5. Whisper. By Bill Hybles. This book covered the topic of hearing God’s voice. It was a pleasure to read and very motivational. Hybles has been where few have dared to trod.

Any of these books could add value to you. If you do not read these, which ones will you read? If you do not read then how will you grow into your full potential? I pray you have a passion for personal growth. At the heart of personal growth is a greater goal of pleasing the  Lord who died for us.

Hope this helps.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris

P.S. Keep watching I will give an opportunity to prepurchase my next book “The Plan of Your Life, managing what matters most.” Pray with me that this book grows legs and helps untold numbers of people grow more like Jesus.


Asking The Right Questions

Hey Friends,

A critical component of spiritual growth is asking the right questions of the right people. Many times we make up our minds about an issue and then ask questions of people who will tell us what we want to hear. Let me give you some questions from my journal I ask the Lord: 

1. Am I hungry or complacent?

2. Am I asking, seeking and knocking on the door of heaven like I should?

3. Am I believing and activating faith as the Lord created it and wants me to walk in it?

4. What barriers or battles am I facing in my spiritual life?

5. Where am I limiting my spiritual growth and ministry?

6. Am I grieving the Holy Spirit in any way?

7. Is there any area of my life in which I am having trouble hearing the voice of the Lord?

8. Is there any area of disobedience in my life?

9. Have I died to self and am I living for and in Jesus?

10. Am I totally filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit?

Asking the Lord questions and waiting for answers will give Him an opportunity to speak to you!  What questions are you asking our Lord? List other questions you may use that would help the rest of us. We must be willing to listen to the answer even if it is not what we want to hear. Growth means revelation, agitation, and then transformation. Are your ears open for what the Lord might want to say to you?

Praying you hear.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris