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One Small Act Can Make a Difference

Hey Friends,

I had a thought a few weeks ago, (Yes, it was very lonely). Many people in the Church today refuse to do anything because their part is so small. They assume if it is small it does not matter and will not make a difference. It could be serving one hour a week, or giving an offering they feel is a small amount, or even inviting someone to Church. We have all felt as if what we do just won’t matter, so why bother?

This is a cunning lie of Lucifer. Only heaven could record the entire ministry omitted due to this ploy. He is a master deceiver! Our God does not require we do something huge for Him to move. Jesus broke the little boy’s lunch and fed 20,000. He can do miracles with little or nothing.

Imagine if in your small group or church everyone did just one small act for Jesus this week. We have about 8,000 who call Faith Promise their Church family. That would be 8,000 invites to church if we all asked one to come. If we all served one hour this week that would be 8,000 hours of serving the Savior.  Just imagine all the Lord could do with those small acts. What if everyone gave this weekend in the offering?

God wants us to do what we can and He will do the rest. He does the supernatural. Let’s pray that Christ followers everywhere see the devil’s deceit. The Church in America would explode as the miracles would be to too many to count.

Let’s pray every believer does his or her part, no matter how small the action. The servant girl in II Kings 5 told Naaman’s wife God could heal him if he would go to Israel. Her action was so small she was not even named. But her action resulted in Naaman’s physical and spiritual healing.

What could God do if we were tuned in to do the small things?

Just a thought,

Love ya,

Pastor Chris

P.S. This was the central theme in the message from our Legendary series this past weekend at Faith Promise.  Click here if you want to hear it in its entirety.


Do You Wash Feet?

Hey Friends,

I’m pretty sure we all know the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. He told us to go and to do the same. It is a clear call to serve others. Scripture says to “consider others as more important than yourself.” And, “The greatest among you shall be your servant.” There is no way around the call and command to serve! Don’t you agree? So, I ask my question again: do you still wash feet?

  • Whom do your serve?
  • How do you serve?
  • What is your attitude when you serve?
  • How do you react when you’re treated like a servant?

Jesus, the Son of God, stooped to serve without hesitation or regret. There are many ways to serve and we need to do them all.

This Thursday is a day for washing feet: LIT2010. It will be an amazing day of adding value and washing the feet of a few hundred Kingdom leaders. I am so excited. Please pray with me as we stoop and take up the basin and the towel. I pray it is the best day the attendees have ever had. You can help wash feet by:

1. praying for the attendees

2. praying for the speakers and servants

3. still getting the word out this week – we have a few spots open

4. praying for the Spirit of God to fall in power and accomplish what He knows needs to be done

5. starting to pray now for LIT2010charlotte on Sept. 30

6. praying for all those that will lead worship

7. praying for the staff and volunteers that are giving up a day to wash feet

Pray for me as I lead the day. As I wash feet I want to add value and help people to be able to reach their full potential in Jesus. We serve a God who can and  does. I look forward to an amazing day full of miracles and value.

Please, pass me the towel.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


That Day?

Hey Friends,

Are you ready for that day? It almost sounds ominous doesn’t it – that day? In the first chapter of II Timothy, Paul writes about a man he led to the Lord. His name was Onesiphorus. He helped and cared for Paul and so Paul prayed for him about that day. What day was he talking about?

I am convinced that day refers to the Bema Seat of Judgment. That day when Onesiphorus would stand before the resurrected Lord and his works would be judged. Here is where we will receive our rewards, if we get any. The Canon is clear – not every believer will receive rewards. Salvation is by grace and rewards are based on what we do with what He has given us.

This is one reason why I push so hard about your potential because that is what you will be judged against. Since the Lord placed our potential in us, He knows what it is. There will be no bluff in heaven. Jesus warns us many times to “lay up for ourselves treasure in heaven.” The only way to do this is to live with an eternal view. It is easier for an eternity eye to give, serve and love others, knowing he or she is laying up treasures in heaven.

For those of us with a short view, here and now only, it is hard to give and serve for we are focused on the temporal. I wonder how many in the church today think anything about the judgment? Do we think that when we give, love, serve and do for others we are investing in our rewards? We will have treasure in heaven.  I guess most of us like the treasure here and now, and we will regret it later.

What do you think?

I have your back,

Pastor Chris


How Did Jesus Show Love?

Hey Friends,

How did Jesus show His love for the people around Him while He was here on Earth, and for us now? Good questions, don’t you think? So, you get 2 answers and here are mine:

1. He took care of their needs. First, He fed them. Jesus was always there to care for the people at the point of their needs. After you feed a hungry person or clothe a person that is cold, they are much more open to the message of the gospel. He also healed their physical issues. We tend today to limit our ministries solely to the spiritual. That is paramount. Please don’t hear me discount it, but we must also take care of the physical part. The spiritual is more open when the physical is taken care of.

2. He died for us. If I ever wonder about God’s love for me I have only to look to the cross. John 19 portrays the love of God for us without question. His passion was us. The cross was for us.

So the question on the table is, what are we to do about it? As for me and my house we are going to spend or invest our lives serving God and people. We don’t care if they are rich or poor, black or white, educated or uneducated. We are to give our lives away by serving. As we serve the least of these, we serve Jesus.

As Christ-followers we are to emulate His life, aren’t we? So we give ourselves on the altar of caring for people. When and where is your spot? We have a place for you to serve as we try to learn to deal in social justice.

Just another thought – how do you see it?



Over-watered Church Members

Hey Friends, 


We at FPC are currently in a sermon series on spiritual growth. This is such an important topic to us that we cover it annually. Each year we approach it differently. This year the “twist” has been to use horticulture.  One of the problems with plants is over-watering.  When the soil and roots of a plant are not allowed to dry out they develop diseases and die. After watching church members for 27 years, I see some that are over-watered. They take in the water and never give any out.

The giving for Christ-followers is service. Most church members could teach lessons on service. The question is, do they live the lessons? As leaders it is our job to help them get in the game. No one can grow and reach their potential if they are not involved in serving. The Lord modeled it while He was here. One of the reasons that so many saints are stunted in their growth is a lack of service.

Very few see service as a tool for spiritual transformation. We see service as giving and not as a growth mechanism. In God’s economy you can’t give without receiving. Bill Hybels calls it the “Helper’s High.” As we serve we are open to hear what God is saying or trying to teach us.

Josh Whitehead pointed out to our staff that Zacharias heard God’s plan for Him while he was serving. Serving can put you in a place to hear what you need from God. As leaders it is our job not only to serve ourselves, but to help others experience the joy and personal growth that comes from serving.

Just a thought.



2009 Church Goals Update

This post was written by Josh Whitehead (, Executive Pastor at Faith Promise Church.

Each year at FPC, our Senior Leadership Team sets church goals. It has been a part of our culture since the beginning of the church. Pastor asks each of us to pray daily for our ministry and for each of the goals. We’re often asked, “Where are we at in reaching the church goals?” Here’s a mid-year update:

3500 in Attendance – We are currently averaging 3079 in total attendance for this year. The fall will play a huge part in reaching this goal as we re-open Satellite I to accommodate those coming to FPC.

* 50% in Small Groups – Groups ministry continues to create new opportunities for connecting with others in relationships. We continue to see 50% of adults attending small group.

* 400 New Servants– VolLink has been a tremendous help in connecting people to ministry this year. Through May, we have seen 195 people begin serving in a ministry.

* 13 Mission Trips – There have been trips to all different parts of the world. Through July, teams have visited Costa Rica 3 times, New Zealand, Thailand, England, South Africa and Houston. There are other trips planned throughout the end of the year.

* 200 Baptisms – 109 people have followed Christ in Baptism this year. In 2008, FPC was 4thin baptisms in the state of Tennessee. God is awesome!

* Compassion Ministry – Susan Troop is organizing the Kid’s Hope ministry to begin mentoring at Beaumont Elementary School. We are also pursuing hiring a Pastor of Missions to oversee all compassion ministries, local and global.

* 15.5% Budget Increase – to date we have fulfilled 10.5% of our 15.5% increase. God continues to do financial miracles at FPC and I expect that we will finish the year funding the entire budget!

* The Journey Campaign: 4.7 million pledged – We’ve received $1.11 million to date with $2.89 million left to begin construction. Continue to pray for The Journey!

* 2 New Worship Services – Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 8:30am have helped us make seats available for guests at both the 10 & 11:45am services. This will become even more critical as we enter the fall.

We are absolutely spoiled at FPC to see God move in such amazing ways! Each of you plays a significant part in our ministry impacting people’s lives for Christ. Continue to reach out to your family and friends. Invite them to FPC so that they can experience the true living God and grow in their relationship with Him!