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Praise the Lord for a Breakthrough!

Hey Friends,

If you read this blog very often then it means you are either my mom or you care deeply for the Church of the living God! That means for most of us we care for the Church. We want it to be healthy, grow, and see major life transformation. I truly believe this about you. My question is, “How deeply are we looking into the spiritual side of the Church?”

For several months some people I trust at Faith Promise had told me something was wrong. We  prayed, studied, brought in consultants, and did everything we could to find the problem. We probably spent more time in the natural than the spiritual. In the natural we had plateaued. Our growth was stagnant at best. When the Church is not growing I am not a happy camper. Healthy things grow, especially the Church. We looked at every system and strategy we had. Nothing seemed to help.

Then out of nowhere God broke through! We lurched forward by hundreds and are 25% over the same time last year. What happened? God happened! We had a breakthrough in the heavenlies. Spiritual war is real and hell is out to stop all of our ministries. Hell hates the Church. We must destroy the works of the devil.

What happened? I wish I knew what the Lord did, but I don’t. I’m so excited that He did! The Church is moving forward. People are being saved. There is a new excitement in the air. That cannot be produced by our clever planning or promotion. Only God can create revival, save souls, and heal broken hearts and lives. He is at work and I just want to join Him in His marvelous ministry. He can do more in five minutes in His power than we can do in a lifetime without Him.

Where do you need a breakthrough? Our God can! I pray He moves on your behalf in any area you or your ministry is blocked. It is the devil’s job to dam up our lives and ministries. We have greater power than he does. Let’s ask the Lord to send revival and break the devil’s dam in your life and for the Holy Spirit to flow freely. Praying for your victory in Jesus’ name.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Warfare On The Weekend!


Hey Friends,

Leaders in the Kingdom of God deal with spiritual warfare on a regular basis. I think the warfare is increased on the weekends. First, the devil ramps up his game as the party life kicks it up. Would you agree that sin seems to be on steroids on the weekend? Many feel they deserve to drink, have sex, or just “get wild.” The streets fill and so do the jails. The devil works 24/7 and he seems to win even more on the weekends.

The weekend is also when God and His army turn up the heat. Just think – all over the world, churches by the 100,000s meet to worship the God of heaven. How many of the captives will be set free this weekend? What would it be like if every person in every church in the world saw themselves as warriors for the Lord and His Gospel? What would happen if we all saw setting captives free as part of our job for Jesus? It is, you know!

This weekend at your church what might God do in and through all of us in making a difference in the lives of people in need? We all should pray and trust God to move. Just imagine –  if people got saved every weekend and at every church, the impact of the Church in America and all over the world would be incalculable. God gave the Church the Great Commission and that is what He expects us to be a part of. Setting the captives free is the will of God for every one of us. Are you involved?

Setting the captives free is the core of the war. This is the reason for the cross and the cost Christ paid for us, and all those who will be set free. What else is it worth spending your life for?

Keep swinging the sword.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


Spiritual Leaders Are Dangerous – Are You?

Hey Friends,

I was reading the book of Acts and I noticed something. In Chapter 12 we find: “…so he decided to arrest Peter also, during the holy festival of Unleavened Bread. He caught Peter and imprisoned him, assigning four squads of soldiers to guard him… Peter is sound asleep between two soldiers, double-chained, with still more guards outside the prison door…” Look at the bold words. Does that seem a bit extreme for one lone fisherman? Sounds like it to me.

The political and religious leaders deemed Peter a danger to their power and way of life. You and I are to be dangerous to the status quo and the powers that be. We are bearers of the light in a dark world. We also have influence over great numbers of light-bearers that have the power to make huge changes in culture. The powers of darkness hate and shudder at the thought.

You, my friend, are dangerous whether you want to admit it or not. The power that resides in you is the great power of the universe. We have the Word of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Light of the World. We are a danger.

Do you think most of us see ourselves as dangerous? NO WAY, but the devil does and so the father of lies blinds us, distracts us, and deludes us. The sad thing is that we allow it. “The truth will set you free,” and a lie will chain you. You must see you and your potential in the light of the Word of God. You are a weapon in the Hands of God. We must believe the Word and walk in the power we have.

Today is the day to walk in faith and not fear. Lead on and let’s take back what the devil stole. You are dangerous and the group you lead is an army for God.

Keep swinging the Sword.

Pastor Chris


Nose to Nose With the Devil!

Hey Friends,

A topic or question that keeps coming up is spiritual warfare! First, let me say that it is as real as it gets. I have cast out demons and seen warfare face to face. Biblically, there is no way around this mine field. If you choose to follow Jesus there will be a certain level of warfare leveled at you. The more you choose to grow in your leadership and in advancing the Kingdom, the higher you will go on the enemy’s hit list. Before you are, or were, saved, the enemy did not have to worry about you because you were on his team! Now, I hope the devil quakes every time you awaken.

Think about this – are you nose to nose with the devil? If you are following Jesus and walking in His will then you are walking in direct opposition to the will of the devil. Since Satan and God’s will are diametrically opposed, to walk with one means you will face the other. I hope that makes sense.

The Scripture is straightforward about your submission to the call to teach and lead. You will be called to a higher standard. We who have sought or allowed ourselves to climb up the leadership ladder will experience a greater level of warfare. As your influence grows for Jesus the more the enemy will attempt to stop you. So, shouldn’t we take warfare as a compliment? I guess it is an odd way to put it. Let me state it differently; if the enemy is not bothering you, does it mean you are not making a difference or you are not hindering His work?

The darkness has always hated the light and always will. If we are shining the light then we will face opposition. “Beware when all men speak well of you.” Look around – who is hammering you? It tells a lot.

Just a thought.

Love ya and keep swinging the Sword of the Spirit!

Pastor Chris


Souls: The Danger Zone!

Hey Friends,

This weekend we finish a series called Deadliest Catch! I’m sure you have seen the T.V. show. The show is about crabbing. Crabs are not dangerous animals, but the environment in which they are caught is. Every year men die trying to catch these great-tasting shell fish.

This weekend we are going to get ready for our huge July 4th celebration. At our celebration will have close to 10,000 people. We will not have any weekend worship services on our main campus on July 3 and 4. We will meet at Pellissippi State Community College from 5:00 – 10:00 pm on the 4th. We will have food, fun and fireworks, and we will have awesome worship and the gospel. It is hard to get many of our friends and family to church, but to a picnic with free food and fireworks, that’s a little easier. When they come, we will give them Jesus and all the love we can.

Back to our series – the thought for the weekend is that we are going after souls and it is a danger deal. A soul is not dangerous in itself, but the environment in which we go after them is spiritual warfare at its finest. Jesus said, “The kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force.” 

At the end of the day, those without Jesus will spend an eternity in a devil’s hell. That is not O.K.with me nor is it O.K.with Jesus. By prayer we bind the “strongman” and we take what is his – souls. Dangerous? You bet! So, we do everything we can to see the lost come to Jesus. The message this weekend will be encouraging everyone to bring their friends on the 4th and for us to go after all those lost and separated from Him. Do you think that is still our job?

When was the last time you shared your faith? “He that wins souls is wise.” Jesus commanded it.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris


So, How Do You Win?

Hey Friends,

You will never understand today’s blog if you don’t check out Monday’s and Tuesday’s first. Please let the Lord use this blog because the topic is too important to miss. We have read a very graphic accounting of the flesh monster that is within us all. Does God have a way for us to win? You’d better believe it and He bought our victory on the cross. The following steps for victory are only for a Christ-follower:

Step 1. Realize you can’t fight alone. Your will is way too weak. Romans 7:18 says, “for the willing is present in me, but the doing of good is not.” There you have it –  Paul’s will was weak and insufficient to win this war of all wars.

Step 2. Galatians 2:20 says to “crucify the flesh.” The flesh is like a snake –  if you bring it in, it will bite you.

Step 3. Romans 6:4,6:11-13: “Consider yourself dead to sin.”

Step 4. Ephesians 5:18 tells us to, “Be filled with the Holy Spirit.” This is not a one-time event, but is to happen daily. Surrender and seek Him. “Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.”

Step 5. Romans13:14: “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts.” Stay clear away from anything that would tempt you. 

For me, I try to make Jesus Lord of my heart freshly every morning. I seek to be filled, yielded, and controlled by the Holy Spirit every minute, for the flesh can cause problems in minutes. As leaders, we always have people watching us. They use us as models and follow our faith. We can’t let one of them fall because we failed in the fight. Winning this war is essential for every Christ-follower, especially leaders in the church.

How are you doing in the war that rages inside of you?

Yours to count on,



The Body of Death We All Carry!

Hey Friends,

If you did not get a chance to read the blog yesterday it would help you to go there and start. This week we are going to build on the previous day’s blog. This topic is tantamount in each of our lives if we are to win the war raging in each one of us. Don’t miss this biblical illustration given by the Apostle Paul in Romans 7:24: “Wretched man that I am, who will set me free from this body of death?”

This image is gross but should be simple for every saint to see. In Roman times a murderer that was found guilty was condemned to the Body of Death. The victim of the murder was strapped to the back of the condemned. As the body started to decompose, swell, ooze, and rot, the DEATH would seep into the body of the murderer. This would cause a slow and painful death, as you could only imagine. Remember, the Romans were the same people that invented the cross.

Now imagine you, with a dead body strapped to your back. Gross, yes! But in the spiritual realm that is exactly what we have – every one of us. Our old nature is evil. “The heart is evil and desperately wicked.” This slow death of sin permeates, saturates, and dominates all of us until we turn to Jesus. Let me repeat, once you are saved the two natures war within you. If you would meditate on this it might answer some questions as to why you do some of the things you do.

Paul said, “the things he wanted to do, he did not and the things he did not want to do, he did.” Can you relate to this? We all can. The only way to victory is to open your eyes to the war and surrender to the Spirit of the Living God.

Step one is full disclosure. We all face this war. Sometimes I think thoughts that sicken me. Why? The flesh…

Think about it and how it affects you.


P.S.  Leaders, we seem to face even more battles than others. More to come tomorrow.


The Enemy We all Face

Hey Friends,

Last week we talked about the spiritual war we all experience and the attacks of the devil. No one is immune to his wiles.  This week let’s look at a force and foe we ALL face, called the flesh. It is the enemy within each one of us. There are several names the Bible gives it: “the old man, sin nature, law of sin, wicked heart…” From the moment that you are born again you have within you two natures and they are in direct opposition of each other. As a matter of fact, they hate each other and they will war until the day we die and meet Jesus.

It is critical to our success in life and the Kingdom that we realize and recognize our inner struggle. This is why so many fall by the wayside in the race. One of the keys to winning this war is to daily allow and ask the Lord to take His rightful place as the Lord of our hearts. He should always sit exalted on the throne of our  lives. The problem is that the old nature wants back on the throne. He likes getting his way! The question is – whose will will win?

We blame a lot on the devil when it is the flesh tempting us to do wrong. We know sin will hurt us and yet we are still drawn to it. How many hearts and homes have been torn apart by our old nature wreaking havoc in our lives? As leaders, it is up to us to win the war within us and help those we influence to do the same. I would encourage you to read Galatians 5:19-21 as it lists some of the actions of the flesh.

  • Who is on the throne of your heart?
  • Are you daily surrendering to the Spirit to have full control of your life?
  • Are you daily dying to the old life and living the life purchased for you on the cross?

Tomorrow we will talk more about this evil foe from within.

Think about it!



He is a “Hinderer”

Hey Friends,

All week we have been talking about spiritual warfare and the enemy, Satan. As leaders we must be armed with information and inspiration. The Bible says Satan is a hinderer! This should perk up all of our ears, especially leaders. As leaders we are taking people on a journey to impact the Kingdom and to make a difference. KNOW that the hinderer will block us at every turn.

He does not sleep or take a vacation. He is out to destroy us or at least stop our progress. He does not fight fairly and he fights for keeps. He wants to hinder your family, your private life, your ministry, your walk with God, your leadership, and every other thing you want to do that honors God. So you ask, “Chris, what are we supposed to do?”

Great question. First, you must be aware! Know you have an adversary that wants to hinder you. Second, know his M.O.- how he operates. He has not changed since his first invasion in the Garden of Eden. His M.O. doesn’t change, he is a liar and the father of lies. So, we must  know the truth if we are to stand firm against his schemes.

Don’t forget he wants to hinder your kids, family, coworkers, friends, and everyone you love and long to see progress. Satan loves to stop our forward progress for God. Be ready! Know forward progress is hard. And never think just because it is hard that God is not in it. If it is easy, maybe you have no opposition from the hinderer. Just a thought.

Sadly, saints put more energy in scholastics, sports and success in this world than in preparation for battle. The field is littered with those fallen who disregarded the warning of the Word. Are you ready and covered in the armor of God? Do you think about the war that rages? Have you prepared those you love?

Yours to count on,



Are You Deceived?

Hey Friends,

We have been talking about spiritual warfare and the importance of our being ready. If you are a leader, then this topic is even more germane to you. We have talked about the devil and one of the names the Bible calls him is a deceiver. In 2 Cor. 11:14-15 it says, “No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness…”

Satan can enter undetected as he is an impostor and a deceiver. Every lie we believe has the father of lies as its foundation . Even though God warns us so many times, we are seemingly so easily seduced. God warns us from Genesis to the Revelation. In Ephesians 5:6, He warns us not to be deceived!  The only way not to be deceived by the deceiver is to know the truth. That requires us to get into His Word daily. It is not easy but the payoff is well worth it.

As leaders in the Kingdom we must be ready to swing the Sword of  the Spirit. I watch so many in church who are defeated and discouraged. This is not the life the Lord wants us to live, but the deceiver will twist the Word and make us miss God’s best. As leaders we must blaze the trail for others to follow.

I hope you walk in victory bought for us by the Lord. Do not be deceived and you can win. In the war that rages we have the tools to win!

Yours to count on,