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Next Generation Leaders are Looking Good!

Hey Friends,

I am fired up about the next generation of leaders I get to watch and even help. There was a time a few years ago when I had a bad attitude about young adults. I had to repent of that and now I can see much more clearly. I am sure the same complaints we have about them are the ones our parents had about us 40 years ago. I believe God is raising up what could be the last generation of leaders, as Jesus could come soon.

If He doesn’t come soon, God has His hand on thousands of young leaders who have a passion for Jesus and His Kingdom. I remember Drew Wells telling me I needed to “roll the dice” and give some “newbies” a chance. Peyton Manning was given a chance. He still holds the record for most interceptions from a rookie Q.B. Now we wonder if there will ever be a replacement for him. Every generation wonders if new talent will emerge. I am sure it will.

Jesus is still building His Church and as such, He has to keep calling great young leaders. There is always a new Timothy looking for a Paul. It is our job to help them and give them a chance to shine for the Savior. Look around, do you see any Timothys? They are all around. Our stage at Faith Promise is now full of young adults using their talents and gifts for our Lord. It is so cool to watch.

What door can you open for a young leader? Whom can you help? At Faith Promise we have three young couples getting ready for the mission field and I could not be more excited. We have had several couples head to the field, but no young couples. God is still calling and we must make room for them, their gifts, ideas, and radical love for Jesus.

I have decided I will spend the rest of my ministry raising up young leaders. How about you? Let’s not drop the baton in the race for our Lord.

Just a thought.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris

P.S. I hope some young leaders take advantage of the new coaching network I am starting.


Some Young Adults Rocking Their City

Hey Friends,

The LIT Conference is officially one month away in Nashville. I was in Nashville yesterday working with part of the staff at Cross Point Church. I have to tell you those guys blew me away. They are a sharp bunch of young people. Somewhere in the middle of the meeting when they saw the promotion had not been going great they “kicked it into a whole nother level.” It was unbelievable. I have heard a lot about the “sorry” work ethic of young adults and have participated in it at times. NOT these guys. They created an immediate campaign for me. It was awesome to watch them cook.

Realize none of what were doing was their “job.” This was above and beyond. I see why Cross Point is the 28th Fastest Growing Church in America. I was impressed. These guys took charge. They also gave me several different options and they were willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. Each one of them volunteered for additional work. Thank the Lord. I must say @petewilson and @jennicatron have done an amazing job in building their staff. My hat’s off to them.

I was in Dallas a week ago for the C3 conference and that, too, was full of 20-somethings fired up for the Lord and for His Church. I have to tell you as I watch this next generation I am not as concerned for the future of the Church, if Jesus tarries His coming. He is calling and raising up some amazing leaders for His Bride. They may fix some of the mess my generation caused.

Yesterday’s meeting also fired me up for the LIT Conference in Nashville. Let’s get the word out. It is going to be an an awesome day for the Kingdom.

We are better together.

Love ya a lot,

Pastor Chris


Young Adult Leaders: What Do They Want?

Hey Friends,

Yesterday I wrote a blog about lifting the lid for young adult leaders. I wanted to take some time to explain it in some more detail because it is so important! It occurred to me that many older leaders like me are not sure what younger leaders are looking for. Let me burst some myths and help you even more.

1. They are looking for an opportunity. They want to lead and make a difference for Jesus.

2. They are looking for a place where they can make a difference.

3. They are looking for a place where their voice counts. Will anyone  listen to me?

4. They are looking for a place where people are willing to take a risk. We call it faith!

5. They are looking for a place where they will be loved and respected.

6. They are looking for a place where everyone is loved and cared for regardless of color or financial status.

7. The whole church does not have to revolve around them, but they must matter. They do to Jesus!

I could keep going on for a long time. Every issue they are looking for, Jesus told us to do. We are not asking the church to be totally changed unless it needs to, to line up with the Word. If you are doing something you’d better tie it to Scripture and it needs to be relevant to today’s culture. It is the will of God and we must do it. The Kingdom of God depends on it.

Just a thought. Yours to count on.



Lifting The Lid For The Next Generation

Hey Friends,

Part of our job as leaders is to make room or lift the lid for the next generation. If you have spent any time attempting this you already know it is not nearly as easy as it sounds. Finding leaders is not that easy but locating the younger ones makes it twice as hard. I am 49 and probably now in the middle-aged category.  Many of you may want to fight this but I probably won’t be here at 98 years old – you get the point. Many of us have either given up on the next generation or we are selfish with our “Power” and don’t want to give any away. If you want your organization, especially the church, to continue on then we must prepare the next generation. What can we do?

1. Make room for young adults. Look around you, do you see any? If not, then this is a problem.  Most churches are sadly empty of youth and young adults.

2. Don’t be selfish. Give away some of your authority. Moses did it to the elders and to Joshua. Remember it is not all about us! I am watching churches and denominations die that are ignoring this issue.

3. Do some things to attract the next generation. If you are a church leader this can be difficult because so many churches are selfish and refuse to change.  That is the death rattle you hear in the pews.

4. Raise up some young adult leaders.

5. Spend some time pouring into them. You might like it.

6. You must be willing to take a risk; someone did it for you.  Even if you try and they don’t pan out, there are some awesome leaders that are young.

7. Don’t give up on the whole generation. I was upset with some young adult leaders and wanted to do just this.  WRONG! We must lift the lid for them because heaven and hell weigh in the balance.

I believe this is the will of God for us as leaders to do. It is the only hope for the Church and we know Jesus cares! What is your next step?

Yours to count on,



Thoughts From Down Under – 3

Hey Gang,

Well, we just finished our first full day at the conference.  We were there for over twelve hours and it was great.  Worship is just mind-blowing with 22,ooo radical Jesus-lovers in one room.  We heard several great messages and hours of exciting worship. What was my take away from the day?

I guess it would be that here in Aussie-land everyone says, “no worries.” That is how they approach life except when it comes to Jesus and His Kingdom; then it is full out.  I love it. Today was a day of  faith that never fails.  We all have been given a measure of faith and we have the faith we need to face all that comes into our lives.  These are people of deep abiding faith. They are trusting God to rock the world with them and their church.  It is exciting to be a part of a group with vision and faith to see the vision happen.

One other thought is about the thousands of young adults and youth that are here worshipping and volunteering their time to serve the Lord. Hillsong is packed with radical young adults.  The American church could learn a lesson as we are losing a generation of youth and young adults. I, for one, am greatly impacted and I believe God is going to use Faith Promise to reach tens of thousands of youth and young adults.  I know it is the will of God, HE is just looking for some people that will pay the price. Are we those people?

Well, just a couple of thoughts from the day down under. Please pray for me as I seek the Lord for His presence and a fresh anointing. He is moving and I want to be right in the middle. “Those that hunger and thirst for rightousnes shall be filled.”

Love Ya,