Hey Friends,

Do you ever ask God this question: How do you define success? This is a question that I ask Him on a regular basis. It is too easy for us to get off track, or at least it is easy for me to get off. If you are just one degree off course in a journey by the end you can miss the mark by miles. So, I ask the Lord. I have found that I can also easily justify what I want and miss what He wants. For these and many other reasons, I regularly ask the question.

Now that we know the question, what is the answer? I recently read a great book by Terry Crist called, Awakened To Destiny. In the book Terry defines success by six things:

1.      Knowing God

2.      Understanding yourself

3.      Discovering your purpose

4.      Fulfilling your potential

5.      Serving others

6.      Enjoying the journey

As you look at the list do you see anything missing? I like the list! It is specific and yet it is different for each of us. Reread the list and rate yourself on how well you’re doing on each one.

Each of the six issues is a part of a journey, not a destination. Who has arrived at anyone one of them? Without any question I want to succeed for Jesus. I want to make Him proud and live with honor for, and to, Him. Let’s be real, we have some stiff opposition. This is not an easy deal. I have to fight my flesh, the world, and the devil. We are opposed at every turn.

  • Are you ready to succeed?
  • Are you winning now?
  • How can we pray for you and help you succeed and live to hear, “Well Done?”

Praying for you,

Pastor Chris