Hey Friends,

Everyone knows that we are called to “Love the Lord our God with our whole heart, soul, and might.” That is a lot of love and a lot of effort – all worth it. When you love something, or someone, or God that much, you use words like: unconditional, extreme, radical, excessive, and crazy. Loving God that much is impractical. That’s O.K. with me.

I love my wife a lot. As I write this blog post it has been over a week since I have seen her. She has been leading a team in South Africa. She is awesome. On our tenth anniversary I had a diamond ring made for her. It was perfect with one stone in the middle and nine stones surrounding it. We went to Cozumel, Mexico and I gave it to her there. Perfect.

For our 25th wedding anniversary we went on a cruise to the Mediterranean. Beyond belief! Why would I lavish such extreme gifts on my wife? Because I love her so much.

Now, think of how much we are supposed to love the Lord! What radical, excessive things are we doing to show Him our love and undying devotion? Do people think you’re crazy because of your giving, worship or serving? Have we grown too reserved in our passion for the Lord? Many churches seem to think not. I disagree!

It is time for those who love the Lord to boldly proclaim it and stand for Him regardless of the cost. Radical love, after all, has a price tag. If you love enough, paying the price is not a problem – it is a labor of love.

Just imagine if His church was filled with people radically in love with God. Do you think church would be different? I do.

This is a post where I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Love You,

Pastor Chris