Hey Friends,

Today is a great holiday! Most people get off work, it is hot outside, we get to enjoy the sun, and we remember those who gave their lives for us. Much of what we enjoy, the many freedoms, somebody fought and died for so we could have them. We owe a great debt of gratitude to those warriors and their families. So much was sacrificed so we could live free and worship as we see fit. Thank you, Vets, for your time given to our country.

For Christ followers every day is Memorial Day. Every day for us is a celebration of the resurrection. Every baptism we witness or every time we eat the Lords’ Supper we are celebrating Memorial Day. Isaiah called the Christ the Dread Champion. He was, and is, the Ultimate Warrior. He did not fight for one nation but for all mankind. He fought alone and for each of us.

He bled and died for each of us. He was tortured and cruelly murdered, executed for our crimes. He not only fought hell and its hordes, but He fought the grave. Alone, He won for us! For you and me He walked out of hell and the grave. He is to be worshiped, celebrated, venerated, and remembered for His sacrifice. Yes, for each of us every day is Memorial Day.

You and I get to live and live forever because of His sacrifice. Today as we remember the American soldiers and enjoy the freedom they won for us, let us also remember the ultimate Vet, the Lord Jesus. His death won our freedom eternally.

Have a great holiday.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris