Hey Friends,

I got a direct message from a twitter follower and he asked me a question.

I want to be an author, what do I need to do?

If you think you might want to be a speaker or author, the earlier you start the better. Two areas you need to dive into right now:

Number 1. Is piling up content. The more the better.

I have been filing for over 20 years. Every sermon I hear, every good quote, illustration, outline, chapter of a book, or article in a magazine I fill it. Today I have 11 file cabinets full of content. For a speaker or writer or anyone who has something to say content is king. If I were starting today I would digitize all files. It is much easier if you start that way. For me to do it today would cost over 20,000 $ and take 2 years, and I’m still trying to do it. If my files were electronic more people could use them. Start today collecting content. It is never too early.


Number 2. Who will listen to you? Who will help get you book or message out?

I would start building a social network. I learned this lesson much later than I wish I had. When I completed my first book: “The Climb of Your Life” I realized I did not have anywhere to sell it or anyone to help get it out. My only outlet was Faith Promise Church. Now you’re reading my blog, I twitter, I have a full facebook page and need to convert it to a fan page. 5000 friends is Max.

I would suggest you pick up the book #Platform by @Michaelhyatt   It is a great resource for “Anyone who has something to say or sell.”

In today’s market having a great product is a place to start but it is not the end of the race. There are many people that can help you, but beware, you can spend a lot of money and get no results. Trust me in this: After attempting to start a conference ministry to help Church leaders and getting my book off the ground I have accrued considerable debt.

There is a black hole out there you can pour money into with zero R.O.I.

Hope this helps. Many of us believe God has given us something to say and social networking is the way to go. Remember networking is a two way street. If you want help from other than be ready to give help to whomever you can.

Just some thoughts,

Love ya,

Pastor Chris