Hey Friends,

It has been almost three weeks since I wrote a blog. I left the info about my upcoming book up so we could get the word out. I believe the new book, The Plan of Your Life: Managing What Matters Most, will add value to whoever reads it. The copies will be available the first weekend of December.

Let me give you an odd kind of thought today: Tunnel vision can kill you. Two weeks ago Josh Whitehead and I went to Austin, TX on a fact-finding mission. We met with leaders from Celebration Church and Austin Stone Church. It was very informative and helpful.

While at the airport I tried to play a game on my iPad. I am not a “gamer” so I did not do very well. The game was Flight Control. I challenged Josh to try to best my high score – not a very difficult feat. He did, so I have been trying to replace his score. The game is about attempting to land planes. While playing I noticed something the game does. As you focus on several planes landing on one portion of the screen, it will send another from a part of the screen you are not watching. If you have tunnel vision you will crash and the game is over.

In the real world this means focusing on several things to the exclusion of other things. As a leader, you might be focused on fixing a problem in one area while another pops up and you do not notice. With the game you just hit reset and then try again. In real life, leadership is not that easy. There is not a reset button for a crashed family or business.

Without much effort you can crash your family, ministry, small group, church, or business. We all see this from time to time. A leader is not paying attention and problems arise without being dealt with, and very soon…CRASH!

Are your eyes wide open and is your antenna up? Beware of tunnel focus. It is so easy to do. In the church world the enemy is waiting for an open door to attack! Be ready and live on full alert.

Just a thought.

Love ya,

Pastor Chris